How to make repairs in the children's room?

It's nice when your own room is also in the child - this is his small world, where he happens most of his time. The children's room is the most functional place in the apartment. It also serves as a playroom, a living room, a bedroom and even a sports hall. In this room, friends can be gathered for joint activities and games. Today we will talk about how to make repairs in the children's room.

The first question that arises in parents: what to do to make a child feel safe in his room? The child will not understand this, and parents themselves must see and understand this. Indeed, we wish the child only positive circumstances and qualities from the world of everything that surrounds him. And only by changing its initial worldview, at the moment - this is our children's room, which will not cause inconvenience, but will bring joy in mastering the world, later will remain one of the most pleasant memories from childhood.

A special requirement when starting repairs, it is worth remembering that safety in the children's room, above all! All materials used to repair the children's room must have appropriate certificates and be environmentally friendly. Building materials that will be used in the repair of the room, replace with more environmentally friendly analog options, for example, chipboard on plywood. The floor of the children's room needs to be made warm. After all, a child comes to him when he wakes up, plays on it during leisure hours. Most often the floor in the children's room is covered with carpet. It can be either with a long pile or with a small pile. But how much is this correct? Experts say that it is most practical and safe when the floor in the children's room is covered with a hard surface, such as a laminate or parquet. This allows you to quickly make a wet cleaning in the room, and dust in this room is less. A soft mat should be laid only near the bed, so it was more pleasant to get up with her in the morning and go to bed in the evenings.

In the children's room electrical wiring must be hidden from children's eyes. Sockets are better to choose and install, which are made especially for children's rooms with special stubs. Switches of light in the room should be installed at such a height that the child could use them himself.

Everyone likes when the room is pleasant and not intrusive, and the children's room is no exception. Take this matter more carefully than usual. Choose high-impact fixtures and chandeliers for the children's room. The main shade of room lighting is white, and additional green and yellow are possible, since these colors have a positive effect on the psyche of an adult and a child.

Choosing windows and doors for the children's room, remember that it must be warm, and exclude the possibility of drafts. And one of the main points is that the child himself could not open the windows, and the doors were closed not from the inside of the room.

On the color solutions of the ceiling and walls it is better to decide from the very beginning of the repair. On the Russian market there is a huge number of colors and wallpaper for children's rooms. When choosing colors, try to listen to the child's opinion, and to match the nature of the child.

And the final touch is furniture. Even the smallest room, designed professionally and with love, will allow you to accommodate everything you need for a child's life. The main furniture items are, of course, a closet, a table, a bed, a chair, shelves and shelves, but you can either remove or replace something. So, for example, a large shelf, made at the table level, can replace the table itself and at the same time be a shelf. No need to fill the nursery with extra furniture. Everything should be in moderation.

There is a huge amount of information posted in various sources. Check out at least a small part of the magazines on repair in the children's room, look for information on the Internet. And most importantly this is a creative approach, and then you will find what is most suitable for you and your child.