Important thoughts about life from a Ph.D.

What is love? What is the meaning of life? How to motivate yourself for productive work? Is there an easy way to get rid of bad habits? A well-known business consultant, Ph.D. and specialist in organizational psychology, Yitzhak Adizes answers the most important life issues in his book "New thoughts on personal development." A few interesting thoughts from it - right now.

The goal prolongs life

To live a healthy life, you need to have some kind of goal. Austrian psychiatrist Victor Frankl wrote well about this in his book "Man in the search for meaning". He came to the conclusion that in the concentration camp, whose prisoner he was, those who had the sense of existence and the reasons for fighting for life could survive.

In addition, from many medical sources (and also from personal experience), we know that people who are striving for some purpose and are making plans for a future life are more tolerant of diseases than those who have surrendered and lost interest in existence. Without a goal in life, we quickly grow old, lose energy and thirst for life.

Pay attention to how quickly the health of those who retired without plans for further life deteriorates. Making money and a career is already not interesting. Children grew up and independent. What to think? You need to find what you believe with all your heart. Replace the expression "for what" with the expression "for whom". Do not try to get off the signature on the check, so nothing will come of it. Spend your time. Let you have a reason to get up in the morning.

How to deal with bad habits

Deborah Mackinnis, deputy secretary for strategy and research at the Marshall School of Business, conducted curious scientific research. With her team, she learned how different incentives and internal attitudes help resist temptation. The participants in the experiment were divided into three groups. Each of them was separately invited to a room where there were stunningly beautiful and very mouth-watering chocolate cakes.

One subject was reminded of the feeling of guilt that they would have if they ate the cake. Others were advised to imagine how proud they would be for themselves by showing willpower. The third group was left without instructions. As a result, the members of the third group ate more, and those who were forced to remember about pride - the least.

It turns out that the sense of guilt is much less effective and gives less strength to fight temptations than a sense of pride. Any person often encounters a desire to do something pleasant, but not very reasonable or even dangerous for health. Is it possible to overcome such temptations? Answer: yes. Just compare the pleasure that you get if you do not resist temptations, with a sense of pride that will appear in you when you stay away from unreasonable actions.

The Healing Power of Love

As research shows, children deprived of love grow more slowly than they should. And those who were little loved in childhood, experience emotional difficulties in adulthood. Without love, we perish. Everything that a person does in life, except that which is directly aimed at physical survival, he does in the name of love.

Our need for recognition and respect is nothing but a disguised need for love. And crying, scandal or moaning, we desperately call on her. The expression of anger is just a manifestation of the fear of being rejected. How do you deal with a crying child? Will you punish him for shouting? Or affectionately embrace to calm? Why not do the same with an angry spouse or teenager?

All interpersonal, and perhaps personal, problems are the result of rejected love or its unsuccessful search. What is often done in American hospitals for bedridden patients? They are brought to the dogs, trained to lick their hands and sit next to the bed so that they can be patted. What is this for? By giving and receiving love, we are healed.

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