What will be the summer of 2017 in Russia - Hydrometeorological Center forecast

Studying the most accurate forecasts allows you to choose the optimal time for traveling in Russia during the summer. For example, many families want to go to their relatives in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Tourists want to visit the Urals and enjoy the splendor of nature. To know what the summer of 2017 will be, the forecasts of the Hydrometeorological Center will help. Accurate data for all 3 summer months will make it possible to make a convenient travel plan.

What will be the summer in Moscow in 2017 - the weather for 3 months from the Hydrometeorological Center

Summer in Moscow is a great time for excursions with your family. But in order for the conditions for walks to be appropriate, you need to find out what the summer of 2017 will be like in Moscow and how it will please the townspeople and visitors.

Weather forecasts for the entire summer of 2017 in Moscow from the Hydrometeorological Center

In June, warming of air temperature is expected, but cloudy weather will persist. Rains are very likely. According to the forecasts of the Hydrometeorological Center, residents wishing to know what is expected in the summer of 2017, and when to travel to Moscow should pay attention to July and August. It is during these periods that the temperature rises to +25 degrees.

What will be the summer in Russia in 2017 - an accurate weather forecast from the Hydrometeorological Center

Choose the best place to travel will help study information about what will be the summer of 2017 in Russia. It will help determine the best places to relax with your family.

Accurate weather forecast for the summer of 2017 for all residents of Russia from the Hydrometeorological Center

For the southern regions, the weather will be consistently warm and already quite hot even at the end of June. Describes the most accurate forecast for minor cooling and precipitation in the north for all three months. Therefore, the best time to travel around Russia in the summer is July and August.

Features of the weather in St. Petersburg: what will be the summer in 2017?

Many tourists come to St. Petersburg for "dating" with white nights. But before you calculate the time of the trip, you need to study what summer will be in 2017 in St. Petersburg.

Weather forecast for the summer of 2017 for St. Petersburg

In June, the city will be quite warm. Strong gusts are permissible, but they will not be felt so sharply as in the spring. In July, the real heat will be about +32 degrees. In August, the temperature will drop to +23, rains are possible.

What will the summer in the Urals in 2017 - weather forecasts from the Hydrometeorological Center

A trip to the Urals allows you to admire nature, have a great time. But before the trip you need to find out what will be the summer of 2017 in the Urals.

Weather forecasts for the Urals for the summer of 2017 from the Hydrometeorological Center

The exact forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center determines June in the Urals a fairly cool month: temperatures from +15 to +20 degrees will be observed. In July, it will increase, but frequent rains are possible. But in August the thermometer can show over +34 degrees. Preparing for summer travel across Russia, it is necessary to know what will be the summer of 2017 in the Urals, Moscow or St. Petersburg. The most accurate data from the Hydrometeorological Center will help you plan your vacation and spend an unforgettable time on trips.