How to play a friend on the phone on April 1

Telephone rallies on the first of April remain the most popular way to make fun of friends or strangers. This method does not require you to spend much money or a lot of free time, it's enough just to pick up the phone and dial the number, then everything depends on your imagination and sense of humor.

How to play a friend on the phone

How to play a friend on April 1
In order to play a friend on the phone, you, first of all, will need to change your voice so that you will not be recognized and not exposed in advance. You can ask someone from your acquaintances to read the text prepared in advance, but you will not get the full pleasure from the drawing. Here are the options for some fun and harmless rallies over friends.

Option number 1

Call to your friend and introduce the deputy chief of water supply of the local water utility. Warn that he will not have water in the next 5 days due to the cleaning of the reservoir. Ask a friend to stock up on water and warn everyone in the house (preferably when the house is multi-storey).

Option number 2

If your friend works in the office, call him at 22.00 and on behalf of the leadership ask them to bring documents to the office urgently. When he arrives, he will have to call the boss so that he can open the door (time later, the security doors are closed from the inside).

Option number 3

Call a friend and ask to rearrange the car from the yard, because you can not leave, and you urgently need. Also ask him to pass it on to 3-4 other neighbors while you are trying to find the rest of the owners of cars (a rally will do if your friend puts the car in the same place).

How to play friends on April 1

Raffle by phone: texts

Playing unfamiliar people on the phone, you need to consider the fact that some are too naive and all take to heart. Here are some examples of texts that will not offend anyone.

Option number 1

You need to call at 2.00 or 3.00

"Are you already sleeping, Alle?"

- No longer (most often this phrase sounds with sarcasm)!

- Why not? Well, quickly in bed and do not bother the rest!

Option number 2

- Hello! Is this Nikolai?

- No.

In a few minutes.

- Hello! Is this Nikolai?

- No! Here such does not live.

In a couple of minutes.

- Hello! Is this Nikolai?

- No. You were told that there was no Nicholas!

Two minutes later.

- Hello! This is Nicholas. Nobody called me?

Option number 3

- Hello! You are disturbed from the pet store. Your smoky lop-eared monkey is already being taken to your home.

"We did not order a monkey!"

- How not to order. It is already being brought to you. We will not take it back. In addition, you have already sent a check for payment by mail!

"What check?"

- For 10 000 rubles.

More often than not, the rally beyond these words does not go.

Cruel jokes on friends on April 1

There are quite cruel rallies over friends. They are connected with a hospital, morgue, loss of important things or loss of vehicles. Such rallies can lead to sad consequences. Therefore, carefully choose who to call with such jokes.

Option number 1

- Hello! It's from the morgue. Come and collect your second cousin

"But we do not have any second-cousin grandmother!"

- Of course, no longer!

Option number 2

"It's from the police." Your car is involved in a bank robbery. Where were you 10 days ago from 13.45 to 14.56?

More often than not, people can not remember what they were doing at that time, and further questions are:

"Can not you remember?" Do you refuse to help the investigation? We send out an outfit for you!

When planning the drawings over colleagues and friends on April 1, one should remember the main thing: they are called to cheer up and cheer. Only then will your humor be appreciated.