After the divorce Victoria Daineko registered on the dating site

Two years of a failed family life are still occupied by the thoughts of Victoria Dayneko. And although the singer divorced a few months ago, and in her blog repeatedly said that she was glad to be again free, it seems that Vika is cunning. In Instructions Daineko, there are more than once appear posts, which show that she still can not survive the collapse of relations with Dmitry Kleyman.

So, today Victoria Dayneko once again published a photo, signing which, again mentioned the divorce.

Fans of Victoria Daineko advised her to "let go" the situation with divorce

On the new picture, executed in black and white in the style of the 60's, Victoria Daineko is depicted pensive and sad. Such a photo artist is going to make an avatar on a new dating site.

Apparently, Victoria Daineko decided to try her luck again, which is why she started the account on the popular Baboo portal. This social networking network works all over the world, so Victoria now has a chance to find her love in another country:
Divorce is an excellent opportunity to change the photo on #badoo ❀️ Do you think this will work?
Fans of the actress, catching a note of sadness in her message, immediately rushed to support his favorite:
polinagrinenko95 All the guys goats

At the same time, some followers advise Victoria to put her feelings to show off and stop obsessing about divorce:
cindy_mayskaya You are so cool, talented, beautiful. Stop putting emphasis on your divorce. You are not the first and not the last of the women who divorced. Meet a man worthy of you 🌺🌺🌺
s_miru_po_nite Chic, advice for the future: do not lay out your relationship on the overall review. No matter how your marriage was successful or not successful, your husband was your choice, and how short or long marriage was not to be treated with respect. A post on the general review of divorce is stupid and not respectful both to herself and to her ex-husband. "Have pity on me, I'm divorced ..."
And how do you feel about dating sites? We note in Zen this material πŸ‘ and remain aware of all the intrigues and scandals of show business.