What can tell a person about a part of a person

There is such a science - physiognomy. This is the doctrine that they can tell a person about a person. Today we will look at the lips, nose, cheeks, eyes, forehead, chin and jaw to determine what kind of person is in front of us. I think it will be interesting for so many women, because it tells me how to behave with a man in a particular situation or to find out about the man who is next to him, much more.

Let's start, perhaps, with one of the most sensual and sexual parts of the face - the lips.

In ancient Chinese teachings, the mouth is the part of the person who can tell about your fate at the age of 60 and discover some traits of character. Compare this with the information obtained from other parts of the face and you will have a nearly complete psychological portrait: yours or one of your loved ones. Do not forget the mimic wrinkles that arise when a person smiles.

Big mouth.

In the opinion of the Chinese, such a mouth is a sign of poor mutual understanding with parents, as well as independence and unceremoniousness.

A small sensual mouth.

People who are not hungry for glory are always ready to help and, as a rule, are rather modest.

Raised corners of the mouth.

Friendly, constantly surrounded by close and familiar people. It is believed that this will be carried through life, and people with this form of mouth are open to communication and are always ready to help.

The dropped corners of the mouth.

Usually, this is a sign of a heavy childhood and a stormy mature life. These people are prone to exaggeration and to some extent, rhetoric.

Plump lips.

This means that a person is very freedom-loving, does not like to stop at what has been achieved. He is able and loves to speak beautifully, but often gives promises, which then are difficult to contain.

Short lips.

According to the Chinese, a person with short lips, especially if you can see the teeth even when the mouth is closed, expect trouble at the age of 60 years.

Mole on the lip.

If a person has a mole on the lip, most likely he has a very inquisitive mind. This should always be aware of the events and know what, where, when, why and with whom. Often very talkative, perhaps, so it's easy for them to make friends and just interlocutors. If the birthmark is small - such a person is waiting for a comfortable life, if more grain of rice - on the contrary.

What can tell facial wrinkles?

However, the lips are not the only part of the face that can tell a lot of interesting things about a person. When we smile, there are mimic wrinkles. The Chinese believe that these wrinkles can determine how long life awaits you. For example, people who have these wrinkles appeared before the age of 40, most likely lived an uneasy life. But if after - it's a good sign. Let's take a closer look at this ...

Almost unnoticed "smiling" wrinkles.

If at the age of about 40 your wrinkles are poorly seen - they are visible, they are not visible, unfortunately, you do not become an influential person and you will not achieve big heights in your career.

"Hungry" wrinkles.

According to the Chinese, this is quite an alarming sign and it means that at the age of 56-57 years with a person with hungry wrinkles, something unpleasant may happen that will make him feel needy. By the way, "hungry" wrinkles are wrinkles starting from the nose and ending directly at the corners of the mouth. If a person has only one such wrinkle, and the second one is either longer or shorter ... it is quite likely that everything can do without.

Long wrinkles.

Oh ... this is one of the most good signs, meaning that you will have a carefree old age.

Long wrinkles are those that go from the nose to the chin.

Short wrinkles.

These are those that begin at the nose and end at the corners of the mouth. Unfortunately, this means that after 59 years it will be necessary to take care of one's health, for one reason or another.

Wrinkles that appeared before the age of 40.

Such person will encounter many obstacles in his life's path.

A complex line of a smile.

A complex line of a smile is when the wrinkle goes from the nose to the corners of the lips, and further down the line diverges into several lines. This is a good sign, able to improve the fate of a person and extend his life.

So, we considered what a person can say about a person such as lips and mimic wrinkles.

Let's move on to the strong-willed parts of the face - jaw and chin.

Let's start with the jaw. In China, it is believed that this part of the face can predict what will happen to you at the age of 74-75 years. Ideally, the jaw should begin directly under the ear and symmetrically converge on the chin.

Easily viewed from behind the jaw.

If the jaw is seen from behind and slightly protrudes from under the ear lobe, this is considered a bad sign, since the owners of such jaws possess irrepressible energy and are able to walk on the heads of others to achieve the task. Usually they achieve their own at any cost.

Uneven jaw.

The Chinese believe that such people need to be more often in a good, calm mood, because they are usually unstable in their emotions.

Straight line of the jaw.

This means that a person has a calm, reasonable mindset, strives for justice for all. By the way, the jaw line is finally formed by the age of 20.

So, with a jaw understood, what can tell a chin?

The chin is on the same line as the jaw. In China, in its form, you can determine what awaits a person aged 61-75 years.

In the opinion of the Chinese, ideally, under the lower lip there must be a hollow, otherwise the person will face some unfavorable event in his life at the age of 61.

So, let's see what the line and shape of the chin means and what they can tell about a person.

The chin is round in shape.

This is a good sign, meaning that its owner is able to enjoy life. But he knows how to work well, in addition to entertainment. He knows how to build things so that the rest worked and wanted to work for him.

Chin square shape

Such a chin gives out people with a stubborn character, they are more likely to find guilty than admit their guilt. Often they become hostage to their own principles.

Pointed chin.

Sociable, cheerful people. Do not like loneliness.


Strange as it may seem, the Chinese believe that if the owner of such a chin has a lean physique, this means that fate favors him at a more mature age ... for example, relationships with children will be very successful. But, even if the person in the body, this is a sign of good luck and luck in general.

And now ... what kind of Chinese chin is ideal?

The shape of such a chin can not be unequivocally attributed to one of the above, it is exactly what it should be! Such people have an established firm view of the world, but they are always ready to review it, if there is any valid reason. They are sociable and rarely offend people around them, as they try to look at the situation from different angles.

So, with the chin finished ... is not it curious how many interesting things can tell about a person this part of the body.

Let's move to the forehead!

The forehead contains information about our life in the period from 15 to 30 years. He is one of the most important part of the face and reflects the whole life path of man. Surprisingly, the forehead has a tremendous variety of shapes and shapes.

Rectangular forehead.

Undoubtedly, this is the best option. With this forehead, its width is proportional to the height and the hairline has a rectangular shape. As a rule, people with such a forehead are very intelligent and educated, because the learning process is given to them very easily. Such people are distinguished by interest in the opinion and advice of the older generation.

Narrow forehead.

This means that the forehead is narrower at the temples and widens towards the middle. As a rule, this person does not differ in luck, he does not appreciate knowledge - hence the difficulties in building a career.

V-like forehead.

It looks like 2 arches connecting at the center of the forehead. Such people can be lucky in science if they successfully combine work and study. They need to apply a little more effort to achieve success in their studies and careers.

The forehead is of oval form.

This means that the hair growth line has a rounded shape. If the owner of such a forehead is a woman, she usually gets along well with people, if a man is stubborn and unstable, because of this, he may miss the many chances that fate gives him.

The forehead is round in shape.

If you look at such a person in the profile, the superciliary arches and temporal arches protrude forward. These impetuous individuals, if they have a goal, will bring it closer in every possible way. They are independent, and almost never retreat from the intended goal.

M-shaped forehead.

This means that the hair is framed with whiskey and there is a small wedge in the middle. Usually they are people of art. I think the comments are superfluous.

Inclined forehead.

Avantyurny and gambling, can not live without risk.

"Disorderly" forehead.

Such a person does not have a specific hair growth line, usually it is asymmetrical and so on. Owners of such a forehead go through life by themselves, the concept of family ties is very poorly developed.

Naturally, many people can not distinguish one clear forehead line, they have several distinctive features.

And now, what can such a complex part of the face as eyes tell about a person?

It's not a secret for anyone that the eyes are a mirror of the soul and they can tell a lot about the character of a person and his actions. According to Chinese teachings, the eyes show if the fire is in our soul. A woman, looking into male eyes, can see future relationships. In the eyes you can read what awaits us at the age of 35-40 years and whether we will develop relationships with children. Here are the main types and shapes of the eyes:

Small eyes.

Usually such eyes characterize a person paying particular attention to detail, they are reasonable and calm, get along well with others and have an analytical mind.

Protruding eyes.

They are people who know their purpose in life. They immediately identify those who like them or vice versa. From the outside, it may seem that such people are not sociable and even repulsive ... However, as soon as they find those with whom they are comfortable, they are ready to give a lot of attention and smiles. If the eyes are strong, this is a leader by nature - there is a lot of desire to communicate and work in it. The peak of career success will be exactly 35-40 years.

Deeply planted eyes.

Ambiguous people. On the one hand, they are always happy to help someone else's grief, even to the detriment of themselves and others consider them successful people, because you are able to almost always smile and say that everything is fine, on the other - they can easily be moved to second place than many people use , and others are not clear when they need help .. a person like these keeps everything in themselves.

Bright and big eyes.

This is not an absolutely unambiguous sign of character. If such eyes are combined with sharp features - a person is likely to be harsh and aggressive, and he will have a career success somewhere in the 35-40 years, and if it is a soft outline of the face, then no doubt, before you a soft, sociable, loving to help others.

Sleepy eyes.

This does not mean that the eyes are small, they are just slightly covered, so they seem sleepy. Such people are attentive to details and scrupulous in everything that concerns money, they always have a "stash" for a rainy day. However, as a rule, relations with their own children are not very good.

Triangular eyes.

Anxious sign, it only seems that such people are kind and gentle. As a rule, these are cunning, greedy and envious people. They see almost everyone as an opponent, including family members and friends.

Eyes with visible protein in three places.

This means that the protein is visible not only near, but also from below and above the pupil. They are generators of ideas and energy. But they should beware of the excessive burden that leads to heart disease. Especially, it concerns the age of 35-40 years. In general, you can not reach and remake - often remind them about it.

Raised corners of the eyes.

Generous, but stubborn - that's how you can characterize such people. And, it is important who is the owner of such eyes - a man or a woman. If a woman, then do not expect from a married life of comfort and tranquility, but the relationship with the children will be very successful. If the raised corners of the eyes of a man - this usually accompanies success and they are able to take on a great responsibility, which is very good for marriage.

Reddish eyes.

The Chinese believe that there is too much fire in such people, so they recommend drinking more tea or water. In general, visible capillaries mean a bad enough character, such people easily lose control over themselves, so that harm to oneself is possible. At the age of 35-40 there is a danger of problems with the law.

The protruding lower eyelid.

The most successful period is from 35 to 40 years. Boys are much more likely to be born than girls. Such people have especially good relations with their own children.

Mole under the eyes.

Sentimental, romantic people. They love to oversee their children too much.

High eyebrows.

This means that between the eyes and eyebrows a lot of space. This is a sign of fate, meaning luck and luck throughout life, especially in matters of real estate. Among other things, they bring good luck to others.

Advice to women - carefully read your loved one's eyes, especially if you are going to marry him. By the way, do not ignore the man's eyebrows.

What can tell such a seemingly insignificant part of the face, like the eyebrows?

The Chinese believe that eyebrows determine the fate of a person aged 31-34 years and are responsible for the relationship with brothers and sisters. In addition, if the shape of the eyebrows changes, the fate of a person changes. Now, when millions of women ... and men, too, change the shape of the eyebrows, it is difficult to reliably determine the natural form, but it is worth reading for general education.

Long eyebrows.

This means that a person can have up to 6 siblings.

Short eyebrows.

The opposite situation with brothers and sisters. 31-34 years is a dangerous period. There is a risk of troubles in both the personal and professional life.

Dark, thick brows.

Again, at this age, there may be problems. However, if you work before this period, problems can turn into positive events. In general, they are smiling and friendly people, love communication, music and friends.

Light eyebrows.

If a woman has light eyebrows - she, usually, an excellent organizer, almost always follows instructions and is an indispensable assistant.

Straight eyebrows.

They are people with an established and firm view of life. In order not to happen, they will look at the world through their prism.

Eyebrows house.

This is the leader who is comfortable to live and communicate with others, adhering to business ethics. This is also required from others.
Unstable eyebrows.

Again, 31-34 years is a dangerous period. And this sign means insufficient attention from relatives.

Frowned eyebrows.

According to the Chinese method, a successful band in the life of such people will begin not earlier than 30 years, in studies they are not very strong, and often go on about their mood. What can you advise such people to at least a little to avoid difficulties - only to remove the hair between the eyebrows.

Eyebrows in the form of a semicircle.

For such a person there is no concept of strong family ties. In the period of 31-34 years can fall under someone else's bad influence.

Unequal eyebrows.

Such people, it is quite possible, will not have one father and mother during life. And luck will be volatile during these 4 years.

Eyebrows, crescent.

They are pragmatic and judicious people. If this is a woman, then she is quite conservative in relations with a man and in matters of marriage and children. During this period in their career they can be lucky.

Inaccurate eyebrows.

Bad sign. Defines your inept attitude to money. And, even if other parts of the face tell you about luck, to break the influence of inaccurate eyebrows, it will be very difficult.


First of all, it is luck. Especially if the mole is inside the eyebrow. If it is clearly visible, then the person will be very rich. If not - there will be less money, but in either case the birthmark means a poor ability of a person to save money. Advice - each time put a little money in reserve.

So, we talked almost about all the parts of the face that can tell us about a person. But, there were no less interesting - the nose and cheeks.

What does the nose tell us?

The nose occupies the central part of our face and tells about what awaits us in the period of 41-50 years. In addition, the nose - a monetary point, and, therefore, can tell us about the role of money in human life and whether he knows how to dispose of them.

A big nose.

Big nose - a lot of money. However, there may be an influence of the rest of the face. But it's all up to 41 years - then all the bearers of such a nose are shone with financial luck.

A small nose.

Less luck with money, these are meticulous, attentive people.

Roman nose.

At the age of 41-50 years - financial difficulties await the owners of the nose, the tip of which is directed downwards, and the nostrils are wide. Constantly strive to lead, even in the family.

Curved nostrils.

It's a waste, you can not handle money at all. But at the same time, caring and kind people.

The most unfortunate form of the nose.

This is when on the nose there are 3 tubercles: at the base, in the middle and at the end. Usually, these are very irritable natures, it is more important for them to preserve their own "I" than the relationship with the opposite sex.

41-50 years - a period unsuccessful for such people in all spheres of activity.

Lion's nose.

Round nostrils, closed by the wings of the nose. The tip also has a rounded shape. These are financial lucky ones. In the period from 41 to 50 years they will be lucky. If the owner of the nose is a woman, she will marry late, or her husband will be much older than she.

Straight nose.

Like the shape of the nose, these people are straightforward. They can offend a person without even realizing it. Characterize these people can be both independent and hardworking.

Rounded nose.

This is a fount of talent. You are an excellent business partner. It is pleasant and easy to do business with him. In such people, the nose is slightly rounded.

Straight wings of the nose.

The wings have no rounding, and the nostrils are not visible. This means that a person can handle money and everything connected with them.

They are ready to wait, comparing the prices in shops or waiting for sales, only in order to buy what is needed cheaper.


This is a money-repelling sign. Moreover, at the age of 41-50 years such people should be afraid of financial losses.

Well, what is your nose or nose of your chosen one, how much money promises, or vice versa? Okay, move to the end of the face - cheeks.

What tell us cheeks about a man?

The cheeks are responsible for the period of 46-47 years. Disclose or show our essence.

High cheekbones.

This means that there are a lot of energy or ambitions in a person.

Broad cheekbones.

Ideal for women, this means that she can stand up for herself and her caution.

High and broad cheekbones.

These people are proud and purposeful. But there is a danger - the appearance of envy. The main thing for them is to make their own profit. Again, if it is a man, then it is very difficult to maintain a comfortable relationship with a woman.

Flat cheekbones.

Do not say that such people are leaders. But by showing a certain amount of severity, you can achieve success and make others listen to you.

Well, did you learn anything new about yourself and your chosen one? When you see it, look carefully and write down every aspect of the psychological portrait that every part of his face told you. And do not pay attention to his perplexed look ... then tell me - there will be a surprise!