The influence of the planets on the signs of the zodiac

The influence of the planets on the signs of the zodiac of popularity gives us the opportunity to learn more about the life of famous people.

Natalia Podolskaya

The connection of the Moon and Venus in Aries determines the bright character of the talented singer, her energy and the sense of home.


Under the mood Natalia can charm everyone who is nearby. However, the limiting influence of Saturn and Mars in Libra leads to the fact that Natalia's environment seeks to smooth out the manifestations of character. Conflicts can arise because of the unwillingness of the singer to listen to the opinions of others. Natalia needs to be articulated, to share secrets. The opposition of Saturn and the Moon can lead to mood swings.


Mars and Saturn, the male planets, are in the opposite sign of Libra Aries. And this means that Natalia is most often attracted by men who are opposite to her in character: more balanced, not inclined to violent manifestation of emotions. If there is such a person next to Natalya, she will have to make some concessions and changes in her character, learn to accept compromise solutions that suit both. Otherwise, this partnership is unlikely to be long-term. The influence of Jupiter in the partner sector of the horoscope suggests the probability of an alliance with a strong and successful person.


The connection of the Moon and Venus allows to be realized under the influence of the planets on the signs of the zodiac, both as a singer and in other creative professions. The positive influence of Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio helps to find reliable business partners. But the influence of Saturn in Libra causes the appearance of envy from colleagues. This configuration also shows: Natalia is inclined to be impatient, performing routine work.

Health and beauty

The opposition of the Moon and Saturn requires a more measured way of life. From this depends on the inner mood, and the state of appearance. For a singer, the concept of a house is important: this is the case when the walls are treated.

5 questions

Agree with the statement: everything that happens is for the better?

"This is my motto." But we are the masters of our own destiny.

Do you believe in mystical coincidences?

- If there are several coincidences, it is not accidental.

Do you trust horoscopes?

- I read them with pleasure. About himself - Taurus read: in every thin girl - Taurus lives a gluttonous fat woman! Just like I like to read a horoscope, I love and eat!

What is most important for you in the house? What should it be?

- Cozy, spacious, there must smell like love.

Are there any traditions dear to you?

- To gather at a big table on a holiday, to put a New Year's gift under a tree ...

Astro commentary

In Natalia's character there are many contradictory qualities. This is due to the arrangement of personal planets in opposite signs: the Moon and Venus are connected in Aries, and Mars and Saturn are present in Libra. Softness and restraint in the manifestation of feelings inherent in Natalia, can be replaced by flashes of temperament, and calmness and desire for harmony - the desire to break this harmony. The opposition of the Sun and Uranus suggests the changeability of fortune, many unexpected turns of fate.

George Clooney

Actively manifested in the map Clooney element of Earth helped him persistently and systematically make himself. The ability to determine one's goals, conscientiousness and sober calculation led him to success


The Triton of the Sun to the Moon makes George a balanced and constant person. He is easy to build relationships with people and make friends. In this he is so convincing that even his principledness and ability to conflict, are not able to create enemies for him. Harmonious interaction of Venus with Jupiter transforms and transforms the conflict into dissatisfaction with what has been achieved and the desire to conquer new heights.

In friends with Clooney - a good half of Hollywood. Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Renee Zellweger, director Stephen Soderbergh is just a small part of the talented and famous people who are always ready to work with George, have fun and even do good things. Clooney was one of three stars who organized a hot telephone line after the earthquake in Haiti, which collected private donations worth $ 61 million.


The natal card gives George two opposite opportunities for the development of events in marriage: from the total collapse to the life of the soul in the soul. Therefore, everything depends on the correctness of the choice of the lady of the heart. The actor was officially married only once to actress Talia Balsam. After an unsuccessful novel with the British television star Lisa Snowdon, Clooney said that he was never going to bind himself by marriage. Nevertheless, the most enviable bachelor in Hollywood does not experience a deficit in love. Recently he has been "tamed" by the temperamental Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis, and Cluny does not seem to mind at all.


The position of the Sun and its interaction with other planets testifies to the great potential, giftedness and tireless desire to develop. The moon in conjunction with Saturn gives the organizer the talent, and allows George to go beyond acting. Together with Soderbergh, Clooney created his own film production company, and even directed several of them. Spy movie about the hired killer-TV star "Confessions of a dangerous person," the sports comedy "Love is out of rules" and the political drama "Good Night and Good Luck", for which he received a nomination for an Oscar.


Attachment. A pig named Max lived with Cluny 18 years. George loved his pet.

Title. Time Magazine included the actor in the list of one hundred most influential people in the world.

Astro commentary

The location of the planets in the natal chart of George says that having achieved something, he will do everything possible to maintain his advantageous position. It is difficult to convince him if he is confident in something or has already made a decision. The square of Mercury and the Sun to Uranus, located in Leo, gives some eccentricity in behavior, demonstrativeness in order to attract attention. Such a person can calmly walk with a piglet on a leash at secular parties. These same planets are presented with extraordinary, talented director, strong intuition. Such a person can be insanely charming.