Children's poems for March 8

Poems for children to congratulate your beloved mothers on March 8.
Soon on March 8, which means that in the kindergartens begin the morning devoted to the International Women's Day. Educators and parents prepare in advance for the holiday, coming up with scripts, contests, poems and congratulations. Every child wants to congratulate his beloved teachers, moms and grandmothers on March 8, so he teaches rhymes. Since children are not very diligent, it is better to choose short rhymes for a holiday, which any child will be able to tell.

Choose for the child a couple of easy and memorable verses, let him choose the congratulation he likes and surprise the guests at the matinee dedicated to the International Women's Day! If your child is old enough, you can choose a verse longer and more difficult for him. Poems by March 8 in the kindergarten will be the best gift for the invited to the celebration of my mother, sister, grandmother. Each guest and tutors will be pleased to accept the congratulations voiced by the children!

Little poems for kids

I have not cried all day,
Do not tease the dog.

Did not drag a kitten,
I'm not a prankster:
Today my mother's holiday.


I love my mother,
I'll give her a gift.

I made a gift myself
From paper with paints.

I'll give it to Mom,
Hugging tenderly.


New ribbons in pigtails
Spin our sisters!

Well, a delicious patty
Grandma will bake us.

Blossom even the stump
On this holiday - Women's Day!


Since March 8 I congratulate
I'm my mother!
Firmly I embrace,
And I kiss and love you!

I'll give you flowers,
You put them in a pot.
And as a memory from my son
Let the rhyme remain!


On the eighth of March I congratulate
Neighbor, grandmother and mother,
And even Murka our cat -
She's a woman a little.

I'll tear them and give them to me from the garden
The flowers are beautiful.
I'll take and make a cake:
Here plasticine, and here - cottage cheese.

What for in a hand a thong?
It's just my poem.


In March there is such a day
With the number, like pretzels.
Who among you guys knows,

The figure that means?
Children will say to us in unison:
- This is a holiday of our moms!


The eighth of March, the holiday of moms,
Knock Knock! - knocking at the door to us.
He only comes to that house,
Where they help my mother.

We will sweep the floor for my mother,
On the table we will cover ourselves.
We will cook dinner for her,
We'll sing with her, we'll dance.

We paint her portrait
As a gift, we will draw.
"They can not be recognized!" Wow! -
Then my mother will tell people.

And we always,
And we always,
We will always be like that!


Women's day is not far off,
The time is approaching!
Live in the house with us
Mom, grandmother, sister.

Stand with Dad before dawn,
So that at the dawn
Bring home bouquets
Mom, grandmother, sister.

We will get dirty in the test,
But we will put a feast on a mountain,
This day celebrating together
With mom, grandmother, sister!


Since morning, you, grandmother, are busy,
Always in every way help us want
You will always comfort and understand,
And the word whisper good.

We wish the grandmother health,
Let less tired.
Marked will be let by love
And this day and the whole year!


Dear mothers,
There is no more beautiful in the world,
Holiday of spring and sun,

A gentle ray on the window,
Illuminated on March 8
And as our best friend,
He gave you a poem.


A beautiful sunny dolce
Hastens to congratulate children
All mothers, teachers and very
We wish you happiness, good,

Smile, joy, patience.
March 8 is a women's day!
Accept these congratulations,
We are not too lazy to praise you.

We will help you with work
And surrounded by care.
Let every loving son
Reads such congratulations.


Happy 8 March!
Happy Spring!
With joyful excitement
In this bright hour!

Dear ones,
Good, good,
On the afternoon of March 8


With the first drop, with the last blizzard,
With the holiday of early spring

Congratulations, sincerely wish
Joy, happiness, health, love!

Merry rhymes on March 8

Short poems for kindergarten

Mum we sewed a napkin,
The figure "eight" is embroidered,
Bird embroidered on a branch:
Tomorrow we congratulate Mom.


Mom on the eighth of March
We give a twig of mimosa.
This day will come tomorrow,
Even let the frost crack.


If the sun outside the window,
And the frost is less -
So, again with a woman's day
Congratulate the women.

Mother congratulates her mother,
Congratulates the daughter.
Everyone reads to her in the morning
Congratulations stitch.


My gift to my mother
I have a pocket.
In the depth of the pocket
The camomile hid.

I drew chamomile
The whole evening I
For you, Mom.
I love you.


I'm on the eighth of March
Blue - blue
Draw my mother for the holiday bouquets.
The first - from violets,

In cornflowers the second,
A bouquet of blossoms
Nezhen, as in the spring.


That's how smart
Kindergarten -
This is my mother's holiday
The guys.

We are for mom
The song is binge,
We are for mom
We'll start the dance.


Drops of sunlight
We carry today into the house,
We give grannies and mothers,
Congratulations on Women's Day!


Day of Spring March 8,
It's a holiday for moms!
I prepared a gift
I'll give it myself!

Glad to mommy's gift
From his own son,
Mom will smile to me,
He will say to me: "Thank you!"


All I go, I think, I look:
"What will I give my mother tomorrow?
Maybe a doll? Maybe candy?
No! Here you are, dear, on your day
Scarlet flower - a light! "


Why Eighth March
The sun shines brightly?
Because our mothers
Better than anyone in the world!

Because the mother's holiday -
The best day!
Because the mother's holiday -
Holiday of all people!


Dear our mothers,
Declare without embellishment,
That your holiday is the most, the most,
The most joyous for us!


Health, sun and good,
And peace, happiness forever,
Love, hope and prosperity,
And that everything in life is smooth.

We'll leave today from the standard,
Flowers could not get anywhere,
On a spring day on March 8,
As a gift to women a rhyme.

Eighth March Women's Day
Congratulations on the weak sex.
They are given spirits, couplets and sweets,
But most importantly, flowers are bouquets.

Mom draw a sea of ​​I flowers,
Also I will tell her a lot of poems.
Mommy, you are the most beloved,
I want you to be the happiest.


I hug you tightly,
On the eighth of March I congratulate you.
One hundred percent you give,
I love you very much,

Diamonds and flowers
You do not need gifts.
Of course, I could
From the flowerbed you get a flower,

But to smile you -
Told this poem!


8th March is the best holiday
For my mother, my grandmother.
Today I'm not a prankster
And everyone in the world is more cheerful.

Flowers bouquet big I am in a vase
In the morning I put it as soon as possible.
And ran the postcard right away
I draw nicer.

Granny, I hug my mother,
My own women.
With all my heart I wish you
Health, happiness and love!


The eighth of March is a women's day.
Gifts do not laziness to me.
And I'll take my pencil,
And I will write that your feast is:

The most beautiful on earth!
Let everyone agree with this.
I congratulate you all on my haste,
And here's what I'll tell you:

"Today is the sun and the moon,
I just give you ...
But they are without me
Perfectly please you ...

Then as a present my friend
Accept my modest rhyme!


The most beautiful today are our mothers,
Everyone is like the sun for their children.
We kiss you warmly, we embrace you even harder,

After all, next to a sweet mother everything is lighter.
Grandmothers and aunts, sisters and girls,
Today little boys give out congratulations.


There is no one in the world,
Adults and children know.
Who is this? You tell me.
Though you wink with a little eye.

How not to know? After all, this is Mom!
Happy holiday, dear.
Be healthy and happy,
Always young, beautiful.


Mom's day, mother's day!
Dress best on.
Get up early in the morning.

In the house, clean it up.
Something good
Give your mom.


I have a Grandmother.
She is baking a pancake.
Warm warm socks.

He knows fairy tales and poems.
I love my grandmother,
I give her a postcard!


How much light is in the house!
How much beauty!
Flowers are shining on the mother's table.

So I love my mother -
I can not find words!
Gently kiss,

In the chair I sit down
Piala will prepare,
I'll pour her tea,

I'll give her the shoulders
I'll sing a song.
Do not Mom Know

Sorrow and worries!
Let my 8th March
Lasts a whole year!