Horoscope twins, for the whole year

If you are a faithful friend and assistant to the spouse, then start creating a cosiness for the loved one. If a free Amazon, then look for a reliable man. Mysterious Pluto will make you seductive and sexy. If you risk defending the rights of the collective, then in April-May this is fraught with a grandiose scandal.

In March, the craving for realization in art, photography, psychology, religion can awake. In April - May, using the talent of communication, try to look for money for charity. A philanthropist can respond to the offer. His interest in you will not only be business. In August, he will reasonably have a feeling for you, and in September he will be ready to make you an offer of a hand and a heart. If your heart is free, then why not. The article "Horoscope twins for the whole year" tells the sign of the twins, what will happen next year.

Born from 1 to 11 June

April - June under the patronage of the White Moon can bring good dividends for a quality work done. By October, finally decide what kind of man you need in life. You want to get away with your head in a relationship. And do not look at the difference in age, because "all ages are submissive to love." In November, there will be opportunities for repair, where you will discover your designer talent and creativity in the design of the "family hearth," even if a cozy nest every day pleases you and loved ones.


In February, your gentleness and goodwill attracts representatives of the strong half of humanity. If you have a man, then you feel a strong mutual attraction to each other. February will add charm and sexuality. You are prone to experiments in intimate relationships. Frequent meetings and communication in the spring will give an opportunity to learn in detail about his interests, goals, friends, family. Family people will be surprised and delighted with their second half. And free ladies will get an offer to marry. Since May, the inner flair helps to finally understand the truth of the partner's feelings. In September, you will not want to love yourself, but to love you, although such a scenario and resembles a love affair for selfish motives. It is good to get acquainted, to be reconciled and fall in love during the periods from 16 to 29 March, from 5 to 20 May, from 4 to 15 July.


In February - April, friends will occupy not the last place in life. Friendly support, unity of minds and hearts can undergo a test of strength in late February - early March, as during this period Jupiter will conflict with Pluto and Saturn. From March to April, Uranus and the Black Moon will intervene in a friendly idyll. Then changes and destruction of the planned plans, forced betrayal of friends, unethical change of sponsors and patrons of art are possible. At this time, support of corporate capital or state subsidies for innovative projects comes. It is better to transfer all sponsorship projects for the next year, because anyway with their implementation and understanding there will be problems.


This year, in order that you can safely implement their and partner plans in life, pay attention to health and maintenance of general tone. The easiest way is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Adequate diet and healthy nutrition, timely vitamin prevention and exercise, outdoor walks and enough sleep - it's not a whim, but a vital necessity. These measures will prevent the undesirable consequences of busy working months. Try not to conflict during periods of increased nervousness, absent-mindedness and irritability - until February 13, from February 22 to March 10, from 9 to 15 September. Be extremely careful 24-27 February, 17-23 April, 19-22 May, 19-22 June, 2-5 December. Since May, you will be more responsive to all problems.


If you are a leader, then perhaps in February - March you will have to pass the test by authority. There will be situations with the abuse of authority or with the receipt of a "chair" not as a result of honest work, but in some kind of underground way. Scandals, loss of reputation, work or persecution from the higher ones are possible. In April-July, Neptune will inspire great and bright deeds. The desire to make a career will be supported by the chances of realizing a dream. Perhaps, throughout the year, your partner will entrust your money or you will manage the finances of a whole group of people. There are no individual financial shocks this year for you. During the year, office workers may face reorganization at the enterprise. As a result, all reforms will be for the better. During the periods of retrograde Mercury from March 30 to April 23, from August 3 to August 26, do not sign important contracts, or conduct responsible negotiations. Now you know what horoscope the twins will be for the whole year.