How to host a party at home

Nowadays, parties at home are becoming increasingly popular. And there are reasons for this. In the house you can arrange everything as you want, as your family or friends like. Also, only those who you want to see will come to you, there will not be those who are unpleasant to you. If you want to host a party at home, then pay attention to some recommendations.

How to prepare for a party for your family or friends?

In order to hold a party at home, you need to think everything over in advance. It is necessary first to determine where you want to treat guests, where to have fun. Also, you need to know in advance who is staying overnight and where to place someone. Also in advance it is necessary to choose a place for smoking, so that later there are no problems.

One of the important points in preparing a party is the choice of dishes. It depends on your taste. It is necessary to consider what drinks will be served. The main thing is to have snacks and drinks with a margin to feel confident.

Another nuance in organizing a party is the right lighting. It's no secret that much depends on how the company prefers to entertain. For example, a bright light is perfect if you are playing "mafia" or "poker". In case you prefer to give a musical-dance evening, then in the room light is better suited (night light, candles). In this case, a cozy atmosphere will be created in the room, which provides for dancing.

Good advice - pay attention to the tone of the tablecloth for the table. For a wedding, a white tablecloth is perfect; for the New Year's Eve - white and green; for the youth company tablecloths perfectly suit: pink, violet, salad. For especially solemn occasions, red tablecloths in combination with golden shades are suitable.

How to host a home party

To hold a party that would be remembered for a long time, it is necessary to take care of competitions and entertainments in advance. In the process of preparing for the party, it is necessary to take into account the preferences and tastes of all prospective guests, so that no one feels like a "black sheep". This applies to entertainment and culinary preferences.

If the party will take place in any holiday (New Year, Easter, graduation, etc.), then the scenario of its holding should be related to this or that event. Very cool, when the party is preparing not one host or hostess, but some invited. In this case, you can think over more competitions. It's good, if you win prizes for competitions.

In our time, American and European manners of parties are beginning to "take root". Especially it concerns the youth companies. In this case, few people are satisfied with big feasts. Quite popular was the tradition, where the table serves: slicing, pizza, canapes of various kinds, vegetables, fruits, seafood. Those foods that can be cooked quickly. This is undoubtedly convenient and does not bring trouble to the owner. This version of the party at home is relevant for young people. If the house has a lot of people, then snacks and drinks can be placed on a small table so as not to take up much space. In this case, the invited guests come to the table, put food on the dishes and are located where they are comfortable. Everyone feels at ease and comfortable.

You can also hold "themed" parties. For example, "stylistic", pirate, gangster, Italian parties, New Year's masquerade ball in costumes, etc. To keep the party interesting, you just need to give vent to your imagination. But for the thematic party, first do not forget to read more about the heroes and the era of the subject matter that you have chosen.

The party at home depends entirely on whether you are well prepared for it. Guests and hosts will be satisfied and will long remember the evening spent, if everything is carefully thought out in advance. The most important thing is to come up with interesting contests and games, create a cozy atmosphere, organize good music, and invite a pleasant company for the evening.