Lena Lenin originally took revenge on Nikolai Baskov for his engagement with Victoria Lopyreva

Oh, women's revenge is terrible and merciless! Poor is the man who deliberately or accidentally offended the woman ... Nikolai Baskov, apparently, tears his golden curls, learning that his engagement with Victoria Lopyreva missed the opportunity to marry the shocking Lena Lenin.

The news that Nikolai Baskov and Viktoria Lopyreva decided to get married was a surprise for their show business colleagues. Celebrities have already spoken about the upcoming wedding, and last night commented on the relationship between Baskov and Lopyreva and the secular lioness Lena Lenin. It turns out that the writer has long been in love with the singer. Moreover, Lenin confessed that she herself dreamed of marrying Nikolai Baskov, so his proposal to Lopyreva was an unpleasant surprise for Lenin.

Because of the marriage of Baskov, Len Lenina spent a lot of money on shopping

What does a woman usually do when her beloved man betrays her? Correctly, changes appearance and spends money on himself. Lena Lenina did not begin to change her appearance, but she already managed to spend a fortune.

To begin with, the writer, vacationing now in Greece, went to the fur shop, where she bought a dozen luxurious fur coats:
Terribly offended at Nikolai Baskov for the fact that he marries Lopyreva (((I myself wanted for him))) After all, he knows that no one likes him the way I do))) In addition, I'm much better than her ( ((I can not get drunk, because I do not drink, but I can drown out the sadness in another way: I bought a bunch of new fur coats in my heart

But this Lena seemed a little, because the insidious Lopyreva received from Baskov a ring with a huge stone. Naturally, an offended woman can be reassured by an ornament that will be no less elegant, so that Lenin pampered herself with luxurious diamond earrings:
Offended at the expensive engagement ring, that cunning but beloved blonde Basque gave some modelka, and presented herself three times more expensive earrings in white gold from the jewelry house Darvol with 285 (!) Inlaid with diamonds of purest water! I would help Kolenka become even richer, and modelka it will ruin ((((Here, in what there is a difference between long-legged)))

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