Lera Frost: biography, photo before and after plastics

According to the latest news of the TV project "Home 2", one of the brightest and scandalous participants Lera Frost left the show with her beloved Zakhar Salenko. This is the second departure of Valeria from the show: a few years ago Frost was on the project for the first time. Then she met with Maxim Rozhkov, but the girl did not manage to "build her love" with him. Despite the exactness of Lerou Frost (Demchenko's real name) can not be called a positive heroine, many are sure that it was on her provocative behavior and fights with other participants in the show that the high ratings of the House were held for a long time. In addition to scandalous tricks and a heavy character, Lera Frost is known for her numerous plastic surgeries (before and after the plastic photo below). And just before leaving the show, Valeria was even accused of providing escort services. About biography, plastic surgery and scandals involving Lera Frost and talk later.

Lera Demchenko (Frost): a short biography and photos from personal Instagram

Let's start with a brief biography and photos from the personal Instagram Lera Frost (Demchenko). If you believe in the word Frost, then it was popular enough long before he came to tele-construction. The real name of the girl is Valeria Demchenko. The future star of "House 2" was born on December 21, 1993 in Lugansk. After school, Lera went to Kiev to study as a journalist. During her training in the Ukrainian capital, Demchenko constantly participated in various castings of popular shows devoted to the fashion and glamorous lifestyle. Valeria even tried her hand at the selection of the new composition of the legendary "Via Gyra", but this attempt was unsuccessful. However, this failure did not prevent Frostnach quite successful model career. I tried my strength Lera in my student years and in the field of DJing in Kiev nightclubs.

Personal photos from Instagram Lera Frost (Valeria Demchenko)

A photo from the personal Instagram of Leros Frost is another hot topic around the scandalous brunette. All the spectators of "House 2" know perfectly well that the bright appearance is one of the main "trump cards" of Valeria, which she enjoys with pleasure. In addition to the slender figure, Lera Frost on her page in the popular social network demonstrates to the followers all the attributes of a luxurious life. Her Instagram is full of photos from exotic countries, luxurious outfits, expensive brands and delicious dishes. As they say, it is not forbidden to live beautifully!

What operations did Lera Demchenko (Frost) - photos before and after plastics

Those who actively monitor the life of Lera Demchenko (Frost) are well aware of the plastic surgery that the girl suffered (photo before and after). It is enough to look briefly at photos of past years to notice the changed shape of the nose and enlarged lips. Lera herself does not hide the fact that she repeatedly applied for help from plastic surgeons. According to her, the desire to change something in her appearance first appeared in 18 years. Then Demchenko increased her lips with biogel, but this cosmetic procedure was unsuccessful. The unprofessionalism of Leroy's chosen cosmetologist led to lip asymmetry and their excessive increase. But this failed experience did not stop Frost from experimenting with appearance. For today Valery has transferred successful rhinoplasty and has corrected the form and completeness of labiums. It is also said that Lera Frost slightly changed the shape of her chin.

Selection of photos before and after plastic surgery Lera Demchenko (Frost)

To see clearly how for several years the star of "House 2" Lera Frost was changing is possible in the next selection of photos before and after plastic surgeries.

Lera Frost and Maxim Rozhkov: the first coming to the teleproject "House 2"

The first arrival to the teleproject "House 2" by Leros Frost is inextricably linked with the name of Maxim Rozhkov. Evil tongues claim that initially Frost got on telestroikun through casting, but thanks to the necessary acquaintances. It is rumored that in the spring of 2015 Lera Frost joined the ranks of the "builders of love" in the patronage of her good friend Viktoria Romanets. This rumor may well be true, since initially the girl did not express sympathy for a certain young man. Valeria tried to meet with Oleg Burkhanov, then switched to Sergei Katasonov. When neither the first nor the second challenger did anything to Frost, she laid eyes on Maxim Rozhkov, who at that time was paired with Kristina Deryabina. The presence of a friend at Rozhkov, Valeria did not stop, and she easily repulsed Maxim from Christina.

The first arrival on the television project of Lera Frost to Maxim Rozhkov: how their relations developed

After the newly-made couple Frost-Rozhkov settled in "House 2", they were considered one of the brightest and most expressive contenders for the victory. Between the young people, serious passions flared up, which riveted the viewers to the screen and forced them to constantly worry about the relationship between Lera and Maxim. But after Frost and Rozhkov settled down, and what is called "rubbed" to each other, their passion noticeably went out. The editors of the project decided to send Maxim and Valerie to Seychelles. According to their idea, an exotic journey was to kindle a brighter, fading fire of love. But, alas, upon returning from Seychelles, the pair became completely unpromising and soon Frost and Rozhkov left the perimeter of the famous construction site. Outside the project Maxim and Lera could not save their feelings and finally parted.

Lera Frost and Zakhar Salenko for the "House 2" project - the latest news

The second return of Frost to the project "House 2" occurred in early 2017. TV viewers immediately noted Valery's "ottyuningovannuyu" appearance, over which plastic surgeons worked well. The girl began to look more presentable, which helped her effortlessly conquer men's hearts one by one. For a short time, Frost managed to twist the novel first with Ivan Barzikov, then with Alexander Kharitonov. After Lera switched to Sergei Zakharyasha. But in the end, she decided on Zakhar Salenko. This explosive couple made a lot of noise on the telescope. The characters of Lera and Zakhar are explosive, so it is not surprising that quarrels and misunderstandings constantly arose between young people. Reached a couple of times, even before the fights, which resulted in rapid separation. In the end, Zakhar and Valeriya still reconciled and continued to build their complex relationships on the project.

The latest news, why they left the "House 2" project Zahar Salenkoy Lera Frost

But according to the latest news of the "House 2" project, Lera Frost and Zahar Salenko-kshli from the famous tele-building. The couple was forced to leave the perimeter after the vote, at which it was decided to expel Valeria. Zahar immediately followed his beloved. The reason for the expulsion of Frost is in its exploding nature - the girl arranged a fight with another participant of the House of Masha Kokhno. Not so long ago, Lera and Masha were considered bosom friends, which is very rare for the project. But after Maria told Zakhar about Lera's meeting with the fan Frost preferred to hide from her beloved, the situation radically changed. The girl literally accused her ex-girlfriend of escort services. After a quarrel with Salenko, Frost attacked accusations against Kokhno, and then climbed at last with fists. Such aggressive behavior greatly aggravated the project participants and Leroux was sent home. Despite frequent disagreements in the couple, Zahar followed Frost in real life. And if you believe the pages in the Instagram, the young people outside the project are the best.

Explosive Lera Demchenko (Frost): fights with participants on the project "Home 2", video

Scandals around the explosive nature of Lema Demchenko (Frost) were not confined to quarrels with young people, but were regularly reinforced by fights with participants of the project "Home 2". In addition to the aforementioned fight with Masha Kokhno, which caused Frost to leave the show, Lera is famous for other fights with local girls. One of the most memorable showdowns on the project was the fight between Lera Frost and Maya Dontsova. Eternal rivals often entered into verbal skirmishes with profuse insults and obscene language. But soon Frost and Dontsova moved to a new level and decided to find out the relationship "on the kulaks." Masha Kokhno managed to unravel the girls, and after Zakhar delivered an ultimatum to Valeria that she would not tolerate such behavior from her girlfriend. In the end, Lera Frost said that for the sake of love for Salenko try to curb his explosive nature and leave Dontsov alone.

Video drkLery Frost (Demchenko) with the participants of the teleproject "House 2"

Now that you know about some facts from the biography of Leroy Frost (real name, how many years he meets with), you can add a more detailed view of this explosive participant in the TV project "House 2". The bright and strong Lera Frost (Demchenko) was well remembered by spectators yet during her first visit to the show to Maxim Rozhkov. And her relationship with Zakhar Salenko, with whom according to the latest news the girl left the project, opens a new facet in the personality of Lera. And despite the constant scandals with fights, escort and operations on the face (photo before and after the plastic is higher), Instagram Frost is gaining momentum, and the girl herself began her successful business. As they say, any PR can play into the hands.