Tutu skirts: how to create a harmonious image

Skirt-packs came to us from the ballet. That is why they are associated with ease, grace and refinement. They are able to make any image unusual and romantic.

Skirt-tutu from tulle: how and with what to wear

The skirt-tutu of tulle is quite large, that's why they are very well combined with a tight top and look very good with leather jackets, fitted jackets, turtlenecks and light sweaters. If you want to create a more romantic image, complement the bottom with a shirt, top or corset, so your waistline will look even thinner and more elegant. Color can be anything: black, white, bright, the main thing - that the whole image looked harmonious and complete. You can wear this outfit for a holiday, a concert or a walk. A skirt-tutu to the knee along with a restrained top is a wonderful ensemble for meetings or an office.

Skirt-tutu: we select footwear and accessories

Since the skirt-tutu is in itself a bright element of the image, it is necessary to supplement it with reserved accessories. In shoes, give preference to classic boats or sandals with heels. You can also experiment with high boots or boots, but ballet should be avoided. They can simplify the image and make your legs visually short. The color of the shoes is selected according to everything alongside, there are no restrictions. Bags need to choose small sizes, it is better to give preference to clutches and small handbags on thin straps. Also, wide belts look great, which will further emphasize the waist and form an ideal "hourglass". Bracelets, beads, earrings, select directly to the image. Do not forget that the main accent is on the bottom, so you do not need to wear too flashy accessories, this will violate the integrity of the whole ensemble. Very beautiful with such a bottom look different berets and gloves that will add sophistication and charm.

Tutu skirts for girls with their own hands

Such an outfit will make a real princess from any girl. Make it not so hard.
  1. In order to make your own skirt-pack, you will need a tulle, elastic, thread and needle.
  2. If you plan to make it very lush, then you do not need a poduct.
  3. First you need to take measurements.
  4. Using a centimeter, measure the required length and multiply it by 2.
  5. Then take the tulle, most often its width is 1.5 m, measure the desired piece, cut and fold in half. For example, you need a length of 60 cm, which means you cut off 1.2 m of tulle, fold it in half, leave room for gum and stitch it as shown in the picture.

Then pass the elastic band and sew on the sides. The more magnificent you want a skirt-tutu, the more layers of tulle you will need. You can experiment and sew it from a multi-colored tulle.

This outfit is perfect for a morning or holiday. You can supplement it with a wide belt, bow, flower. Here you can show all your imagination.

The skirt-tutu always looks very light and elegant. It is suitable for you and for a little girl. In addition, it is easy enough to combine with other wardrobe items and create a new image each time. And if you spend a little effort, you can easily make such a skirt-pack with your own hands.