Sergei Bezrukov and Anna Mathison were married

A year after parting with his wife Irina, Sergei Bezrukov married. As was to be expected, under the crown of a popular actor led his beloved Anna Mathison.

The latest news was a surprise not only for those who followed the developments in the family Bezrukov, but also for the friends of the actor. About changes in his personal life Bezrukov told his colleague Vadim Vernik, who could not keep the information a secret. Today, Wernick told reporters about the e-mail sent to him the day before by Sergey Bezrukov:
Vadik, dear! We signed! But we do not make loud statements. Quietly, without the hype. We do not want to be asked: when, where, and so on. We protect our happiness.

Despite the fact that the newlyweds are familiar only a year, they practically do not part. Anna prefers to shoot Sergei in his paintings, and the actor with pleasure rides with his lover at the presentation of her paintings.

Recall that officially about parting with her husband Irina Bezrukova reported in September last year. The news that one of the most beautiful and stable pairs of Russian cinematography broke up, shocked fans. The reasons for the divorce for a long time were discussed on the Internet.