Summer excursion: culottes - trend-2016

Initially, the traditional culottes tightly fitted their legs and fastened with straps under their knees. And no wonder - they were part of a man's riding suit. Moved to the women's wardrobe, the pants turned into a skirt-pants - comfortable and practical casual clothes. Which, however, does not prevent her from remaining stylish. Puppies in the current summer season appeared in the collections of four fashion houses - as an interpretation of the popular Hawaiian caprias from Michael Kors, like wide beach pants - from Tibi, as a strict pair of trousers - from Ralph Lauren and as disco-breeches - from Walk of Shame. There are a lot of styles, but the variety did not affect the color solutions. In favor - classic: scarlet, black, white, beige.

Kazuhal-outfits from Michael Kors and Walk of Shame

Relaxed cruise style in the images of Ralph Lauren and Tibi

However, this time the designers did not have rigid frames. Therefore modern kyulots please the eye with bright colors, summer prints and catchy decor. But the primacy, undoubtedly - for kezhual-style. Wide puffs of trendy pastel shades - an excellent solution for universal sets. It is easy to combine the skirt-trousers with airy blouses, strict shirts, light sweaters and laconic jackets. Pick up shoes and accessories, too, will not be difficult: boats, sneakers and ballet shoes are equally appropriate as everyday options.

Office or city style? Not a problem for celotons

Variants of elegant business images with celos