Change your life with Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been known since ancient times and continues to bring tremendous benefits to people all over the world and now. In order to change your life and begin to live the full life you deserve, it is enough to know the basics of feng shui and this will ensure the influx of favorable vital energy of Qi, which nourishes all life on this planet.

Feng Shui is working with energy in and around the house. Feng Shui neutralizes the negative and activates favorable energies for its own good. A person practicing Feng Shui begins to live in harmony with the course of life energy. Your task is to believe in a positive outcome for you always.
Feng Shui has absolutely nothing to do with all aspects of human luck and is therefore universal. From the moment you begin to realize that your home is not only the place where you sleep, eat and watch TV, the fine tuning of the energies of your home begins. A house is a living organism, and it is directly connected with you and with the whole world. Therefore, to begin with, I will talk about the elementary ways to improve the Qi energy in the house.
Look, there are no blockages that prevent the energy from flowing freely. And only after cleaning and harmonizing your living space can you begin to activate energy to attract money, success, love and all other benefits. For positive changes, you need time and your patience.
It is also very important to think positively. It often happens that the simplest measures to apply feng shui are the most effective. Sometimes only cleaning and clearing blockages brings the desired result and many times strengthens the action of all other methods.
Break broken things, wither the flowers, cut off old things with joy, repeating: "The old leaves - the new one comes." A pleasant smell is good feng shui. Often do wet cleaning and ventilate the room. Then the energy will freely circulate at home and there will be no stagnation that bring illnesses and failures to life.
The front door is the first thing that attracts or pushes away from our house the vital energy of Qi. Passage to the door must be free, it should not be obstructed. If you want luck to easily find you, help her - point the way to your door. Light the entrance, lay a bright mat. Be sure to wash the door, if necessary, color. The apartment number must be clearly visible. And then luck can mistake the address.
The stove is the second most important factor, providing a good feng shui at home. The plate symbolizes the material welfare of all households, and their health. It should be clean, working. The cooker should not be near the sink. There arises a conflict of fire energy of the plate and the energy of the water of the shell. The stove should not "look" at the front door, since in this position a good energy "flows" out of the house. The cooker should not be in front of the toilet door. Wash your "wet nurse" with love, repair the idle burners and try to turn all the burners clockwise.
The bed is especially important and deserves close attention. It symbolizes not only health, but also a love life. How to arrange the bed correctly? Put her in a position of strength, that is, diagonally from the door to the room. The bed should be attractive, and the bed - always fresh. Never cry in a pillow! This is a bad feng shui. If you want to make a novelty in a love relationship, replace bed linens. Just choose a calm shade, red is very active for quiet sleep. To strengthen your love, hang a small round mirror over the bed.
If you are more interested in money luck and success in business, put a small round mirror under the pillow. Some masters advise to improve the monetary luck put under the mattress on the right side of the bed a bunch of Chinese coins. Then you will symbolically sleep on the money. And be sure to pay attention to the fact that the bed should not be exposed to negative influences. Behind the wall where the bed is, there should not be a toilet. Above the bed should not hang a chandelier. There should not be a TV opposite the bed. Look under the bed. Are there any deposits of old rubbish there. Under the bed should be as clean as on the bed.
Last advice: never place symbols of water in your bedroom. The element of water and its images in the bedroom have a bad effect on the heart, money and love relationships. Therefore, no water paintings, aquariums and fountains in the bedroom. Live plants and flowers - one of the best ways to improve the quality of energy in the house. Just do not forget to change the flowers when they wither. They promote income growth and family prosperity, but only as long as they are alive and healthy.
Dry and dying flowers symbolize stagnation and do not bring anything but harm. So get rid of them without any regret! As well as from climbing, creeping plants with hanging down leaves and cacti. Look at your house with a loving gaze, protect it, purify it. Then the luck will not keep you waiting. Favorable energy will freely circulate and you will necessarily feel positive changes in your life.