Symbols of the Year of the Black Water Snake

And the year of the Serpent came. The festive salutes on the streets died down, all the salads and tangerines on the tables were finished. Holidays have passed, serious labor days have come. New Year, what will it be like? What will he bring to us?

Symbolism of the image of a snake

Many are very afraid of the coming year, the Snake, because this animal is usually associated with cunning and resourcefulness. Snakes very often do not like, they cause fear, disgust and disgust. The image is serpent related to life and death. No wonder people are afraid of these creatures. It is well known that the symbol of the snake is also mentioned in the Bible and personifies the samodjavol, tempter there. But in fact, not everything is as dramatic as it seems at first sight. Do not forget that this year is just a symbol of the animal year in the Chinese calendar. And it is not necessary to transfer the all-negative associations associated with this reptile to the coming 2013 year. In addition, from time immemorial, snakes were also considered wise and powerful beings. And who does not remember the image of the snake and the cup? After all, he embodies the health of June.

Heraldry of 2013

So, the coming year is considered the year of the Black Water Snake. This year corresponds to green, blue, metallic and violet. According to the advice of astrologers and psychics, in order to create a favorable atmosphere in the family this year, first of all, it is necessary to get rid of the symbols of the previous year (you do not have to throw it out, you can simply move it to the storeroom, for example), and secondly, you need to give each other a symbol, a statuette of the coming year snakes. Let this figurine or toy be black, blue or metallic in color. This image is best placed at a visible place in the apartment. It is necessary to put the snake in a more sheltered place, for example in a closet. And then the symbol of the year will protect your family, bring happiness, money and prosperity. After all, as you know, snakes like all sorts of hiding places.

The symbol of snakes can help to improve the health of all your loved ones. To do this, you need to take a photo of your family to light four candles around it, and put the statuette in the form of a snake in front of your family photo. Mentally, with all my heart, I wish health to all your relatives. Letting candles and cinder stems end up to the end of the river or some other body of water.

The symbol of the coming year will be any jewelry made of metals in the form of a snake. These can be rings, earrings, bracelets and even necklaces. If you do not have the peace of mind, you can buy a decoration in the form of a snake curled into a ring. This talisman will give the woman a sense of calm, balance and tranquility. If you acquire a decoration in this form, it is desirable that it be made of darker-colored metals.

If you, on the contrary, do not have enough willpower, firmness in character, you can safely buy decorations in the form of a snake on a rod. Such a form of decoration will suit people more volatile, help in the correctness of the decision making, people-careerists.

You can pamper yourself, having coaxed with the symbol of the coming year, buying new clothes or clothes in the form of a snake color. If you are going to a serious interview, dressed leggings or a skin in the form of scaly skin do not promise you much success. To make the symbol of the year your success and give strength to the interview, you can simply put on underwear, where there will be elements of symbolism or a brooch in the form of a reptile.

The most effective and productive will be the serpent symbol for women who want, but can not become pregnant. Such girls are advised not to take off the decoration in the form of the coming year and to wear as a talisman a small brooch-snake on any element of your clothes. The snake is also identified with the beginning of nature, the tide of female power, the potential energy that inspires the spirit and the physical nature, the essence of the woman.