Disturbance of digestion in infants

Disturbance of digestion in infants is a sign of poor nutrition. It is known that comfortable digestion - a great mood for you and your child!

At least 50% of infants have symptoms of functional digestive disorders: frequent or sporadic regurgitation, bloating, colic, constipation.

Intestinal microflora has a number of useful functions. It participates in the processes of digestion, determines the formation of stools and comfort in the intestines, and also strengthens immunity in children. Violation of the intestinal microflora can manifest itself as functional digestive disorders, which are often found in children of the first year of life. This not only worries the child, but also disrupts the normal way of life of the whole family.

How to make digestion comfortable?

The nature of feeding significantly affects the state of the intestinal microflora of the child, and consequently, on its digestion. When the baby is breastfed, breast milk takes over the function of normalizing the microflora. It is the best food for the baby. When it is necessary to choose a baby formula, it is worth considering how to provide the baby with comfortable digestion. It is better to include in the mixture for the baby of the first half of life such components as whey protein, responsible for fast and easy digestion of food, as well as a balanced combination of calcium and phosphorus, which not only strengthens bone tissue, but also prevents the development of constipation. The presence of prebiotics in the mixture has a positive effect on the process of digestion.

Prebiotics - the best kid's friends

Prebiotics are dietary fibers that are not digested in the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract. This is due to the fact that prebiotics are food for beneficial bacteria in the intestines, thereby promoting the formation of normal intestinal microflora and preventing the development of functional digestive disorders in infants. Prebiotics are part of breast milk, therefore, with natural feeding less affected functional digestive disorders in infants and imbalance of intestinal microflora. This is one of the reasons why you should try to keep breastfeeding as much as possible. For children on artificial feeding today there are mixtures containing prebiotics, and contributing to comfortable digestion.

Prebiotics in baby food

Specialists of the Research Center created mixtures designed not only to ensure optimal growth and development, but also comfortable digestion for children who are on artificial feeding.

Due to the presence of whey proteins, a balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus, and a unique prebiotic complex, the mixtures reduce the incidence of constipation, promote the formation of a soft stool in a child, and normalize the healthy microflora of the baby's intestines. Thus, the use of prebiotics in infant formula is one of the ways to ensure digestive comfort in children of the first year of life who are on artificial feeding.

The main thing for every mother is that her child is healthy and happy. So let us together help him to be so! After all, the health of the child - and Mom's health in general, because these two people who love each other are closely related. Therefore, for your own health and the baby should be healthy. Watch your own diet, and the baby's nutrition, and everything will be fine!