TOP-3 of the best nail polishes up to 350 rubles

What should be the perfect varnish? Stable, high-quality, effective and convenient to use. And yet - inexpensive. Do you think that this is impossible? Do not jump to conclusions: first, learn our hit list of the best budget varnishes. We guarantee you will like it!

Inexpensive varnishes for nails: national rating

Undoubted bestseller, rightly received the sympathy of lacomagners - nyl-collection Colorama 60 seconds from Maybelline NY. The improved formula ensures the drying of the color layer in just a minute - a find for those who are always in a hurry. The updated set includes 49 mother-of-pearl, matte and glossy shades - from ash pink to deep agate. Do not forget about the finish of the series: it will strengthen the depth and expressiveness of color, protect the manicure from chips and scratches. A pleasant bonus for connoisseurs of safe cosmetics: varnishes do not contain formaldehyde resins and derivatives of toluene.

Maybelline Colorama: 130 rubles in online stores

Lucky Wow Prism domestic brand Dance Legend - an excellent choice for bold women of fashion, adoring experiments. The means of the series contain a high concentration of pigment and holographic microparticles - that is why the coating turns out to be so colorful, radiant and super-strong. To execute a manicure with Wow Prism will not be difficult and for the beginner - jelly texture quickly and evenly distributed on the nail plate, finally drying out for 10 minutes.

Holiday varnishes Wow Prism: promotional price 350 rubles

The revolutionary solution from El Corazon is the lacquer with the biogel effect Active Bio-Gel Color. He will strengthen and repair the damaged nail plate, eliminate the bundles and chips, give the nails a mirror shine. In the line there are both delicate nude varnishes, and saturated bright ones - for a stylish manicure.

El Corazon Active Bio-Gel: 180 rubles on the official website of the brand