Children's costume for Halloween for a boy 8-12 years old, made by own hands - Zombies, Pirate, Skeleton

The brightest, terrible, but surprisingly hilarious autumn holiday is All Saints' Day. In the West, it has been celebrated for many centuries, and came to Russia relatively recently. Every year, a couple of weeks before October 31, young people look for themselves in stores and on sales a Halloween costume for a boy and a boy. Finished masquerade costumes are more expensive than everyday clothes, and the terrible image of a Vampire, Skeleton, Zombie, Pirate or other sinister character from horror stories or fantastic stories literally "flies in penny." Unnecessary costs can be avoided - it is enough to learn how to make "outfits" for the holiday with their own hands, at home. Children 8-9 years old can help parents sew such clothes, and teenagers over 12 years old and themselves will not badly build overhead beards, draw bones on clothes, make gloves that make them look like Edward Scissorhands.

Costume with a beard for Halloween - A quick masquerade outfit for a guy with their own hands

All Saints' Day comes in a day or two, and you still do not have a masquerade outfit? Do not immediately rush to the market for the eerie masks of vampires and monsters. Our, "Russian" Halloween can slightly differ from the western holiday by characters, whose images are embodied in costumes by artists, designers and simply creative people, making them with their own hands. Why not remember the "antiheroes" of folk tales - Leshnya, Barmalei, Starik Khottabych? They all wear a beard, and making it is not so difficult. To quickly create believable vegetation on your face, you will need pieces of fur, bast, aquagrim or even a female wig.

How to quickly make a beard for Old Man Khottabych's costume for Halloween - Master class with photo

If you do not have to work long over the old Khottabych's costume - just wear a long striped striped or multi-colored dressing gown and tie a turban (a large handkerchief or even a towel), then creating a beard can create difficulties. Even a very grown-up guy is unlikely to grow a rich vegetation like the one that the famous wizard was so proud of, so you have to do it yourself. You will need:

Prepare all the tools and materials and begin to create the beard of Hottabych.
  1. Cut the fabric 2 times wider and longer than the future beard;

  2. Start pulling the thread from the fabric as shown in the photo;

  3. Fix the strands of beard and mustache threads (they are made according to the same scheme);

  4. Remove the protective paper from the adhesive tape - the back of the mustache and beard will become sticky and will be able to stick to the face.

Now, focusing on the image of the movie hero, complete your costume - find a robe and build a turban. Your outfit should repeat the clothes and look of the "real" Hottabych.

Suit for Halloween with my own hands for a guy with a photo - How to sew an outfit for a party at home

If you have planned a Halloween party in advance, and you have enough time to prepare for the holiday, work on creating a complex, vivid, memorable image and make it your own suit. On All Saints' Day, guys can be reincarnated not only into monsters, vampires and zombies, but also to flaunt in the costumes of fairy-tale heroes - to become Cat-in-Boots, Sam Worthington's hero from "Avatar", etc. The choice here depends on taste, imagination and patience - some costumes have to be done for several days. Sew the attire with your own hands or with a sewing machine.

Examples of costumes for a Halloween party with their own hands - Photo dresses for All Saints Day

Whoever you meet on All Saints' Day in the streets! Here, and the Trolls, and the cheerful green Shrek, and the whole family Adams in the collection, and the scarecrow, Mummy, Zombie, Freddy Krueger ... The image for the guy will be easy to pick up, if you carefully study the photo with ready-made outfits for Halloween.

Suit for Halloween for the boy with their own hands - Photo of homemade outfits for October 31

If your son told you that a Halloween party is scheduled for school and their class, help the child choose a fancy dress. Ask him who he would like to be for a while, so that you can have fun at the party. Some children find it difficult to choose an image - in this case, offer the boy something of the costumes, photos of which you can find here. The dress by October 31 can be sewn by hand for a couple of hours.

How at home to make a costume for Halloween for a boy - Photo of made-to-order outfits

The most common colors chosen for Halloween are black, red and white. Slightly less often use green, blue and purple. Choosing a character for the boy, whose suit you will sew yourself, buy aquagrim or paint - they will be needed to complete the image and make-up. These photos show ready-made clothes for All Saints Day - try making similar costumes at home.

Suit Zombies for a boy of 12 years - How to make a terrible outfit for All Saints Day

The Zombie Suit is simple in execution and does not require large material costs. You just need to sacrifice old trousers and a shirt, stock up with aquagrim, gouache and earth. The main thing in creating such a terrible dress for Halloween for a boy over 12 years old is not to stint on the spots of "dirt" and "blood" on clothes.

How to make a Zombie suit for a boy of 12 years - Master class of sewing a terrible dress for Halloween

To create a Zombie suit, it's enough to make a good mess of clothes, covering it with brown, rusty, black and red spots. The terrible make-up of the Walking Dead Man will complete this image for Halloween. So, you will need: Start work on the costume.
  1. Rinse clothes by making ragged cuts on it. Simply, turn it into rags.

  2. Dirt your pants and shirt with earth;

  3. Add more "blood" to the earth.

  4. Pencil or shadows make dead bruises under the eyes;

  5. Smear your hands in a paint that resembles blood.

  6. Zombies are ready to go hunting on All Saints' Day!

Pirate's costume for Halloween for a boy of 8 years old

For a boy of 8 years, the image of a pirate is always connected with adventure, treasure hunting, amazing sea voyages. That's why the costume of a sea robber does not look either terrible or shabby. On the contrary, in pirate clothes, even decorations and beautiful make-up are used.

How to make a Pirate outfit for Halloween for a boy of 8 years - Master class for Jack Sparrow costume with drawings

When creating a pirate costume Jack Sparrow, pay attention to finishing clothes and accessories.
  1. Find a white shirt made of light, delicate fabric. Pick up the boy's pants in size.

  2. Sew the child a long vest over the figure.

  3. Find a bright hat with dreadlocks on the market or in the store or attach dreadlocks and a pirate scarf tied to the head.

  4. Relive the costume with beads and other ornaments (feathers, sequins).

  5. Buy a pair of toy guns and attach them to the suit belt - a silk scarf.

  6. It's time to go to Halloween!

A simple children's skeleton suit for Halloween for a boy of 9 years old

The simplest Halloween costume for a boy of 9 years is Skeleton outfit. To create it, you need a black, body-fitting baby clothes and white dyes. The main work to create such an image is to accurately apply paint on the fabric in the form of ribs.

How to make a skeleton costume for Halloween for a boy of 9 years - Masterclass

The skeleton costume for Halloween for a boy of 9 years can be done in 20-30 minutes, but you will need only a black T-shirt and leggings, a cap, white paint and a brush.
  1. Put the T-shirt on the table and draw it with the white paint of the skeleton.

  2. Do the same with tights. Let the paint dry, add some make-up, and the suit is ready!

Start preparing for All Saints Day 7 to 10 days before the holiday. Then you will have enough time to make your own hands, in ordinary, home conditions, a Halloween costume for a guy and a boy of 8-9 years, a teenager over 12 years old and an adult. You can choose the images of Zombies, Pirates, Skeletons, or prepare a fairy tale character with a beard (Barmaleya, Starik Khottabych). We are sure - our photos and videos will help you to cope with the work!