Choose a dress by the type of figure

In order to shine at any celebration in all its glory, you need to choose not only a beautiful, but also a "right" dress! Disadvantages of the figure can be hidden by any outfit, the main thing is that he sits correctly on you. Was neither small nor large. Many ladies, trying to hide their lush forms, buy a thing for a smaller size. This is a big mistake. Such clothes, on the contrary, will emphasize your flaws. It is not necessary before any important event to escape to the gym and there to exhaust yourself, just to lose weight. Or sit on a tight diet, dreaming before an important day to be slim. All the shortcomings of the figure are hidden by clothing. How to choose it correctly, we will tell in this article.

Consider the options for dresses for girls who have fat.

We hide behind the waves

For such girls, the top of the dress should emphasize their dignity: beautiful breasts, shoulders, waist. A voluminous skirt at the bottom will hide large hips. Ideal length - just below the knee.

Align lines

The front of the dress is draped with vertical folds. This smooths the lines of the figure and draws out the silhouette. And your problem area is a problem.

Form the silhouette

Dress-case itself is a wonderful model of the figure, asvetlaya vertical insert makes it more elegant, including in the hips. Ideally!

Now consider the outfit for those who have a tummy, and who are not prepared to expose it to the public around them. All problems can be solved with a right dress.

We drape

A draped dress with a scent will make you slim. Do not worry about the wrinkles on your belly, the belt-belt boot will hide all that is superfluous!

Diagonal pattern

Simple cut, straight style ... But what a pattern! Diagonal zebra in the middle distracts attention from the tummy. But the dress should not be a lump, otherwise the entire image can spoil the visible crease on the abdomen.

With a strap

Such a smell, as if twisting the figure, makes it more slender. Strap with a buckle on its side and folds from the waist of the folds perfectly hide the lamb.

And now dresses, for those who have bulky buttocks. With the help of the order they can be hidden so that no one will guess about this your little account.

Straight cut

A straight dress is a great option for you! The main thing - do not tighten the belt. The waist needs only to be slightly marked, so that a smooth transition to the hips is obtained.

Fluffy skirt

The skirt of this dress should be cut out on a scythe, so it is beautiful tails. They hide the curvy buttocks. It's good if the dress has an attractive top.

With Basque

This style is a wand-wand with full buttocks. Baska is a frill on your belt. It smooths the lines of the silhouette and visually disguises the problem zone.

Consider the options for the owners of a magnificent bust. Many girls dream of such forms, even lie under the surgeon's knife to get what they want. You do not need anything to hide here, it's, on the contrary, your dignity. But if you are complex about this, so what are they not necessary to buy dresses to look attractive?

Fine drawing

Visibly to reduce your lush breasts is capable of a dress with a printable pattern. And the smaller it will be, the smaller your bust will look.

Here is the cutout

If you put a light topic under your dress, then a deep V-shaped cut will simultaneously draw attention to the bust and make it visually smaller.

Smell the chest

The smell itself hides a large chest, and the decorative elements on the waist and shoulders help it. They divert attention to themselves.

You now know all the secrets of beauty. Therefore, before going to the store, read this information carefully again and extract the lessons from later.