Living room and bedroom in one room

Not everyone was lucky enough to buy a three- or four-room apartment, where each of the family members could have their own space. Very often young families have to huddle in a one-room or two-room apartment. In such small houses or apartments you have to save every centimeter to put the most necessary furniture and other items.


How to divide a room 16-18 square meters. m per bedroom and living room? Living room and bedroom in a room of 20 square meters. m

Modern design ideas help to divide one room into two, and thus create a multi-functional room. One of the best solutions is a living room and a bedroom in one room. Below we offer several projects for interior planning. As a result, you can get a beautiful living room and a secluded bedroom.

How to combine living room and bedroom in one room 17 sq.m: photo

How to divide a room 16-18 square meters. m per bedroom and living room?

Very often in one-room apartments a folding sofa serves both for gatherings with guests and for sleeping at night. Every evening, he has to move apart and make a bed, and in the morning all this is to be cleaned and folded back. Doing this process daily is quite tiring and inconvenient.

If your room does not exceed 18 square meters. m, then this problem can be solved once and for all. A wide range of transforming furniture is a real salvation for small apartments.

In this case, you need a bed-transformer, which is installed directly into the body structure. The photo below shows how with just one movement you can turn the living room into a bedroom. Now you do not have to lay out a sofa every day, move a coffee table, etc.

Another idea of ​​how to make a living room and bedroom in one room is a sleeping place built into the decorative podium. It is very convenient, because the bed is enough to just put it on the empty seat. However, this option is suitable for houses with high ceilings, otherwise the design will visually reduce the room.

Living room and bedroom in a room of 20 square meters. m

The room area of ​​20 square meters. m and more can easily be separated by a partition. Thus, you will get two full rooms. Which will be the partition: the thickness, color, material, design - it's up to you.

The partition can be constructed from plasterboard, wood, metal and other materials. All sorts of niches and shelves will be a great place to store a lot of things. Visually make the room more help large mirrors, built into the surface of the partition.

Most often, the partition partially separates one zone from the other, but you can make a sliding partition that will be placed along the entire length of the space.

As another universal partition, you can use a cabinet. Many of us remember how in childhood this method helped to divide the room into a nursery and a parental room. The "bedroom" is best organized away from the entrance to the room, to make it cozy and more secluded.

The choice of lighting depends on the layout of the hall: in which place is the window and how many of them, where the door is located, is a niche provided. If the window is located at the end of the room, then the partition will obstruct it and block the path to the light in the second half. In this case, you need to take care of high-quality lighting.

If the room has a niche, then most often it serves as a bed. Usually these dimensions are enough to put a bed and a bedside table. Fence this bedroom can be differently:

  1. Partition of glass. It will help the natural light to pass into the niche and hide from prying eyes.
  2. Textile curtain. Suitable as a thick fabric, and transparent tulle.
  3. Decorative curtains made of beads and beads. Beautiful, bright and elegant detail.

Be creative and choose the best way for you to make a living room and bedroom in one room. We hope that our article will be useful to you!