Consequences of laser correction

There are a lot of people in the world who suffer from poor vision. Modern medicine suggests restoring vision through laser vision correction.

Laser correction is a modern technique for instant and painless correction of eye refraction. The essence of the method is in the selective influence of the laser on the characteristic zones of the cornea, as a result of which it gets a different shape and begins to refract light fluxes in a different way.

Before the operation, the client necessarily undergoes a survey, during which the client's desires are discussed and the indicators of the procedure are calculated. The duration of the entire operation is 15-20 minutes, mostly only preparatory and enclosing work. The action of the laser itself lasts no more than a minute.

The laser beam is controlled by a computer, and this completely eliminates the possibility of an error. The laser flow has a punctual action, in which the so-called "evaporation" of certain sections of the cornea occurs. To correct myopia, "evaporation" should be done in the central part of the cornea, when correcting the far-sightedness - peripheral segments, and if you want to cure astigmatism, then you need to act on different sites. It should be noted that laser correction has contraindications. It is not made for children and adolescents up to 18, and sometimes up to 25 years. Just do not spend it to people after 35-40 years of age, because in this period there is age-long farsightedness.

Laser correction and its consequences.

Like all operations, laser correction has its drawbacks, and such an amount that its inventors no longer advise it for mass application. Let's consider the main consequences of laser correction.

1. Complications during the operating procedure.
This is mainly due to technical reasons and skills of the doctor, improperly selected indicators, lack or loss of vacuum, improper shearing of the shell. According to statistics, the percentage of such complications is 27%. As a result of operational complications, corneal opacification, incorrect or induced astigmatism, monocular dilation, and a decrease in the greatest visual acuity may occur.

2. The second type of consequences of laser correction are violations occurring in the postoperative period.
The consequences of this period include swelling, eye hemorrhage, retinal detachment, all kinds of inflammation, the effect of "sand" in the eyes, etc. According to statistics, the risk of such consequences is 2% of the total number of transactions. Such problems arise in the first days after the laser correction procedure and do not depend on the surgeon's qualification and skill. The reason for this is the human body itself and its ability to regenerate after surgery. To remove these effects, it will take a long time to heal, and in some cases to do repeated operations on the cornea. It happens that even such measures do not help complete recovery after laser surgery.

3. The next group of consequences, with the greatest risk of occurrence, is due to laser exposure (ablation). Simply put, instead of the expected result, the patient gets another. Most often there is residual myopia, or undercorrection. If it occurs within 1-2 months, it will be necessary to do a second operation. If you get a completely different result (for example, "-" was "+" and vice versa), then a second operation is done in 2-3 months. Guarantees that the re-operation will be successful - no.

4. Possible consequences of the future.

Everyone knows that hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism are eye diseases that occur for some specific reasons. Correction allows only to get rid of the consequences of these diseases, but not from the diseases themselves. Over time, they will take their, and the person will again lose sight. This is only the best that can happen. After the correction, a person will constantly have to watch for himself, for his health: do not overexert himself, exclude physical activity, do not get nervous, etc. Otherwise, there may be consequences in the form of haze or a torn shell.