Crafts for February 23 with their own hands

On the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland, I want to surprise and please our dear men. A great gift, which is sure to appeal to every representative of the stronger sex - crafts made of paper on February 23 with their own hands. Such a gift can be made as a kid for his dad, and a girl for a guy. They look very touching and memorable for a long time.

Crafts on February 23 with their own hands: aircraft and ships

Airplane - cool homemade article on February 23 with your own hands made of paper

Each gift, made independently, should be distinguished by originality. Ideal solution to please their men with handicrafts Origami. One of the thematic options is an origami plane. It is made quite simply and quickly, and if you are familiar with the origami technique, then burn it in a few minutes. And those who did not do origami before, can get acquainted with its features and also learn how to make beautiful and unusual crafts. In addition to the aircraft, it is appropriate to make a ship or a car.

In addition to origami, you can make an airplane from improvised means. For this we need: a matchbox, glue, scissors, colored paper, cardboard.

Beautiful crafts on February 23 own hands

First of all, you need to glue the matchbox with colored paper. After that, you need to cut a strip of cardboard, the width of which is 1/3 the width of the box. Bend the strip in half and glue a box on both sides. Next, you should start making wings. They are also cut from cardboard and glued to the sides. Pay attention to the fact that there should be a space of about 1 cm between the wings. From the rest of the cardboard, you need to cut out the propeller and tail and also fix them on the box. Colored paper is necessary for decoration, you can already show your imagination completely.

Paper handicrafts with own hands: holiday cards

One of the most popular versions of a gift made by oneself, was and still is a holiday card. And February 23 is no exception. You can make such a gift from improvised means: paper, cardboard, paints, plasticine and much more. All that is necessary is to show your imagination to the fullest and put your soul into it. Then this gift is sure to please your close person.

A postcard is such a gift that even a five-year old child will make. One of the simple ways to create a postcard with your own hands is presented below.

To make a holiday card you need:

  1. First of all, we prepare the basis for the postcard: we fold a sheet of cardboard in half.
  2. From color paper, we cut out stars, flowers, or any other objects that will decorate the postcard.
  3. Gently paste the prepared decorative elements. You can decorate both the outer side of the postcard and the inner one. We sign the card. And the best gift for my father or grandfather is ready!

Of course, this is one of the simplest versions of postcards, showing a little imagination, you can create something unusual and creative! Crafts with your own hands is a great opportunity to tell a person once again that it is important and expensive for you. It is for this reason that they are so appreciated!