Evening make-up: master class

A festive and solemn evening invariably comes to replace the day's vanity. Time for the Cinderellas to turn into mysterious princesses. Everyday clothes are replaced by the luxury of evening dress, feminine and deliberately sexy, modern crystal shoes are emphasized by elegant hairpins, diamonds, "best friends of girls", in combination with gold of all shades come to replace standard jewelry. It's a pity that the fairy forgot about another magic: makeup magic. It is necessary to remind the forgetful sorceress, otherwise the reincarnation will be in jeopardy. We bring for you the article "Evening make-up - a master class", so you can look amazing at any party.

What mystery hides the evening make-up - the master class given by us, will help you familiarize yourself with all of them.

The first and simplest rule: the skin should be always clean, like the painter's canvas before the appearance of the masterpiece. It is better to cleanse the face with milk or tonic. It makes a person "shine" the makeup base with special reflective particles, making the problem areas of not always ideal "canvases" invisible.

Everything is prepared, and now you need to apply a foundation, preferably liquid. It's good that it is one tone different from the tone of your skin, no matter which way it is. Completely unacceptable thick layer of cream, because its task - to level the face, and not make it a fixed funny mask. Now comes the work of a corrective pencil, skillfully masking, with your help, blackheads, bursting vessels, pits, scars and unnecessary blue in the eye area. Only after that, the puff puts powder. It will equalize the selected color, remove the greasy sheen, and fix the whole created image.

But the skin has to get something else, otherwise the integrity will not work. Blush. It is they who finally correct the shape of the face, emphasizing virtues or hiding excessively protruding cheekbones. Brunettes are recommended to use the blush of peach shades, warm pink and beige brown. To mistresses of red hair it is impossible to experiment with shades of pink, too dark and too bright colors. Blondes are the easiest: practically all shades are suitable for their make-up, only careful grooming is required. There are girls with a colorful oriental appearance, their rouge color is pink and tawny.

Dark colors effectively emphasize the swarthy skin.

Sable eyebrows.

According to the French, the smooth complexion and smoothness of the skin make makeup perfect. Preliminary correction of eyebrows is simply necessary. When the base is applied to the face, eyebrows are tinted with a pencil, working in small strokes from the inner to the outer edge. Pencil is slightly darker than natural color or absolutely in tone. The main condition is well perfected.

"Eyes in the eye ..." The frequent situation at the festive evenings. We start creating them in our master class. The shadows of evening make-up allow the whole color palette, you can apply a significant amount of shine. With all the variety of shadows, they should be chosen taking into account the color of the eyes, the type of appearance, the chosen toilet and even the time of the year. The rules of application are the same for all make-ups: the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows shade lighter, with the outer edges - more saturated and darker.

Very to the point will be the use of liner. But its application requires certain skills and accuracy. A straight line along the eyelashes, which must be completed with the so-called "arrow", will enable to hold only a finely sharpened pencil.

Evening makeup welcomes the use of waterproof mascara, because with her Cinderellas feel more confident with any force majeure: rain, snow, tears ... Who knows what will bring with them a magical evening? And only for evening make-up can be such a detail, as false eyelashes. And even a thick, very thick layer of carcass is not considered an evening of bad taste. Ideal - three layers withstand the upper lashes and two - the lower ones.

And, of course, lips.

The sequence of applying lipstick should not be changed. This is an axiom that we fully support and pay special attention to in our master class.

1) The powder or tonal remedy covers the lips, so it is easier to correct them.

2) The line is applied with a pencil (thin lips are enlarged by a pattern behind the contour, ordinary lines are traced along the natural line). Then the whole surface is shaded.

3) A lipstick is applied by a brush.

4) Paper napkin removes excess.

5) Another layer is applied.

6) A droplet of gloss on the center of the lips makes them more voluminous and sensual - sexual.

What should be lipstick itself? Evening make-up takes all shades, from pale pink to defiantly dark. But the quality is better not to find a stable one. The usual can easily be eaten or left ornamental on the glass.

And a few general rules that will be the final chord of the master class:

- Everyone remembers that daytime make-up differs neutrality, and evening - brightness. This is understandable, because the evening illumination is dimmer in its artificiality, and therefore the facial features are seen less sharply, as if blurring. Cosmetics are designed to balance this and emphasize your selective brilliance in the main thing in your face that can slip away from the attention of the one to whom it is intended.

- The image must be harmonious. That is, if there are a lot of brilliant ornaments in clothes, then it is undesirable that the hair and make-up attract the views. Otherwise, you have the role of a Christmas tree. If the clothes "scream" about their minimalism, then here is the "green light" literally "yelling" makeup.

- The underlined luxury of the evening dress, its pretentiousness and glamor, are certainly welcome, but this rule is not canceled under any circumstances. In makeup for evening activities, the most expressive is to make either the eyes or the lips. Both of them simultaneously resemble a clown in the arena. Only moderation and harmony.

Experiments in the fashion world are always good. But if there is a sense of proportion and style. Extremely funny are the attempts of the owner of peach skin, light blue eyes and whitish eyebrows, eyelashes and hair to create a female vamp. And no fat black arrows, shadows of the "raven wing" and richly raspberry lipstick will not create this miracle.

You can become a Cinderella, given the type of your appearance and the appropriateness of the outfit. Then, admiring glances at your address will not be uncommon.