Fashionable Openwork: we knit a female summer hat with knitting needles

A beautiful knitted summer hat is not only a fashionable female accessory, but also a very practical thing. Using a delicate fishnet pattern, you can tie an excellent beach hat that will equally protect both the sun and the strong wind. Summer hat will also be an excellent addition to the romantic onion. And, in any image, such a cap will emphasize your individuality and immediacy.

As a rule, summer caps are crocheted, but we have prepared for you an original model, knitted with knitting needles. It is distinguished by its simplicity of execution, so even a novice needlewoman will be able to master such a summer hat. In addition, a beautiful pattern and an interesting color solution make this model a fashionable and stylish summer accessory.

  • Yarn: Alizeforeversimli 60, 4% metallic, 96% acrylic, 50 g / 280 m. Color: blue. Yarn consumption: 30 g.
  • Yarn CRYSTAL 100% acrylic; 50g / 275 m. Color: sea wave. Yarn consumption: 30 g.
  • Tools: knitting needles №3 (circular), hook №2
  • Density of the main mating: 2 loops per 1 cm
  • Cap size: 55-56 cm.

Female summer hat with knitting needles - step by step instruction

The female model of the hat proposed in our master class is knitted alternately with two patterns. For the summer cap, spokes were used: a flagellum in 1 loop and openwork knitting.

Main part

  1. Since the rapport of the main mating is 16 loops, and the number of required rapports 6, 98 loops, including marginal ones, should be typed.
  2. We knit an elastic band of 2 persons. 2 out. loops - 6 rows. Then we sew one row with the wrong loops so that on the front side all the loops are facial.

  3. We knit the first rapport: 2 rel., 2 persons. loops. We remove the first loop, not tying on the right knitting needle, we sew a facial second loop and pull it into the removed loop. Remove the looped loop on the left knitting needle and tie the front. Next, we knit 2 rel. - it will only be a flagella.

  4. Continue rapport: we knit 2 facial loops, the second loop is stretched in the first - on the spoke instead of two loops there will be only one. In total, there will be five loops in the tracery strip.

  5. Having connected one rapport, we pass to a string with lurex. In total, with each color we knit 4 rapports.

On a note! The proposed order of rapports is an example. Depending on your taste preferences and fashion trends, you can tie a one-color product or, conversely, each rapport to tie in different colors.

Top part

  1. Gradually reduce the volume of the product, reducing the loops in the openwork rows. Strip with flagell we knit as well as at the beginning of mating.

    Attention! It is desirable that the top of the cap is connected from the acrylic thread, since it is softer and better passes the air. To do this, you need to gradually reduce the number of rapports associated with the lurex.
  2. When only the buttonhole loops remain on the knitting needles and one loop of azhour, you can finish knitting. To do this, we sew a series of facial loops, then break off the main thread and pull it into the remaining loops.

  3. We pull the thread and fix it. Hook the sides of the cap on the wrong side of the column without a crochet. The original female hat for summer - ready!