Fur coat from a natural rabbit

Our, not too warm climate requires good and reliable protection for people in the cold season. We, the people, are not covered with hair like our smaller brothers, so we have to use warm clothes. Because of this, the most diverse types of fur coats are both a necessity and an object of endless disputes at the same time. How humane to wear things from the fur of our smaller brothers? Which fur is better? How to choose a good coat for the winter? The choice of fur coats is really huge and everyone can choose a fur coat for himself and his pocket.

The fur coat from a natural rabbit is one of the most common - it is practical, looks good and at the same time the cost of such a coat is quite affordable for a wide range of customers.

And still the rabbit fur is good at coloring and sometimes it's very difficult to guess whose fur was used to make the next fur coat. Rabbit is not only dietary meat, but also valuable fur.

How to choose a fur coat?

Any fur coat is quite an expensive purchase. Choosing a fur coat, we want to carry her not one or even two winters, so the choice of your future fur coat should be approached with full responsibility.

First of all, you need to determine for yourself the style of your future fur coat and its length. A fur coat long to the floor will quickly lose its appearance, in case you will wear it every day. Too short a fur coat will not protect you from cold weather, if you long on the street. Therefore, the best version of the fur coat will be a thing a little longer than the knee or to the ankles. The style can be anything - the main thing that you like and fit well for your figure.

The most important point is the quality of the product itself. From how much quality fur depends on how long and comfortable you will wear a fur coat. The best fur is considered to be winter, it has a thicker undercoat. Fur coat from winter furs is a guarantee that in it you will not freeze even in the strongest frosts. Be sure to pay attention to the reverse side of the skin. The fresh fur is bright, almost white, soft and elastic. Mezdra yellowish color means that the skin has been removed from the rabbit for more than one year.

Good fur is soft to the touch, it is shiny and thick. If you hold it against the growth of wool, then it will quickly fall to the original side, and villi will not fall out. If the fur is of poor quality, then your fur coat will soon grow bald.

Do not worry and painted fur, especially when the color is light. Often, strong defects in a fur garment are masked with dark colors, and light colors are used only to make the product more original. The rabbit fur is most often painted, because of this the choice of various colors of such fur coats is very large.

We will not even say that good quality coats are sold only in shops that specialize in fur products. There is a great risk in the market or wholesale base to purchase a poor-quality product. It is also worth paying attention to the price of fur coats. In itself, a fur coat from a natural rabbit is not very expensive, but if the price is worth a penny, it can mean that the product has some serious defects.

Why rabbit?

Fur coats are common not only because of their accessibility. Basically, they are so massive because rabbit fur is very light compared with the rest, and not less than warm. So, the owner does not have to bend under her weight.

Many for some reason believe that a fur coat from a natural rabbit is not suitable for severe colds. In fact, a rabbit fur product perfectly protects a person from severe frosts, it all depends only on the quality of the skins from which the fur coat is made. In fact, rabbit fur of good quality can keep the heat no worse than a sheepskin.

There is also a misconception that fur coats from rabbit fur are short-lived. But this again, depends only on the quality of the skin. For example, it is known that sheared fur can be worn much longer than not sheared. Even a rabbit has a thicker skin than, for example, a squirrel or a ground squirrel.