Fashionable colors of clothes, Autumn-Winter 2015-2016, photos of the most actual colors

Who do you think, who determines the colors in clothes every year? It is logical to assume that this is done by the leading fashion designers of the world, relying on their experience and the inherent sense of style. In fact, the success of designers directly depends on the work of this scientific center - the Pantone Color Institute. Every year, Panton conducts a series of studies, whose goal is to identify fashionable colors and shades. On the basis of the data obtained, the Colors Institute produces brochures with samples of a fashionable color scheme. Pantone services are used not only by eminent fashion houses, but also by companies related to interior design, printing, advertising. We also offer you to find out what color solutions in clothes will be most relevant in the new autumn-winter season 2015-2016.

The most fashionable colors of clothes, Autumn-Winter 2015-2016

Among the main trends of the new season can be called cypress color - a deep cold green shade, mysterious and alluring at the same time. Most of the clericals chose it as the primary color for evening and cocktail dresses. This noble shade is perfect for gorgeous women who know their worth.

Cognac became the main fashionable color for leather clothes. Jackets, jackets, pants and skirts of this shade can be seen in every second collection.

In this season, the color of the Spanish wine Sangria was chosen as the favorite shade of Elie Saab and Chanel. This incredibly beautiful color favorably emphasizes the whiteness of the skin and the seductive curves of the female body.

Aluminum is a color that almost does not go out of fashion. He has long become a classic along with black and white. In autumn and winter 2015-2016 it will be fashionable to wear long "aluminum" dresses and tunics, as well as business suits and strict trousers of this shade.

The yellow color will also be relevant. The shade of "pale canary" became a real hit this year. It's just perfect for everyday dresses and sweaters. In addition, yellow is perfectly combined with other fashionable shades of the Autumn-Winter season 2015-2016.

Fashionable combination in the clothes of the Autumn-Winter season 2015-2016 - current trends

As for fashionable combinations of colors in clothes, almost all the actual shades of this season can be combined with each other. The classic combinations of black and white will also be popular, especially this contrast looks on warm winter things.

As a basic shade for trousers and skirts, cognac is suitable. The image can be supplemented with a yellow, white, or sky-blue sweater. Sangria and scarlet are perfectly matched with black. Choose these shades for outerwear, for example, dresses or blouses, and black becomes the color of boots or skirts. Royal blue and cobalt are simply made for each other. By combining the things of these two shades with each other, you can create a stylish youth image.