Gypsy guessing on needles "love code" is the best way to look into the future

The needle is a "magic" object that is actively used in performing magic rituals and rituals. It is believed that the needle is able to hold energy and create a strong biofield, positively affecting the veracity of the divination. Guessing on needles "code of love" unravels the secrets of the future - it helps to know the gender and number of children, fulfills cherished desires and predicts fate.

Guessing on a needle with a thread on children

Prepare a white thread of medium length, thread the needles into the eye, take the thread with your right hand and lift it over the left palm (open), first "immersing" the needle in the air space between the entire palm and the thumb three times. Position the needle over the palm and carefully observe its movements. Describes the circles - the first child will be a girl, swinging - a boy. Repeat thrice "immerse" the needle between the palm and the thumb, fix it over the palm. The needle "hung" in the air - there will be no more children, it begins to move - more children will be born (the needle "walks around the circle - girls, swinging - the boys.") Count the number of children until the needle ceases to prophesy.

Guessing with a "circle" needle

Prepare a blank sheet of paper and 15 needles. Draw on the sheet a circle with 14 digits, on the right side of the circle place the "happy" figures, in the left - "unlucky" (selected individually). Put a dot in the center of the circle. Through each needle, thread the length of which should not exceed 7 centimeters. Spread the needles so that their sharp ends meet in the center of the circle, and the ears lie on the numbers. Hold the remaining needle on the weight by the thread, gently rocking and pronouncing the spell: "I conjure angels, predict the future." I conjure with all lifeless and living beings. "I conjure with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit." Amen! ". Interpretation:

Guessing on needles "code of love"

Take 8 needles, a white saucer, a pencil and a piece of paper. Concentrate on the thoughts of the beloved and ask aloud the question: "What awaits me?" Put the needle in the dish and shake it over the sheet 4 times. If no needle falls out - write the number "0" at the bottom of the sheet, one will drop out - the number "1", two - the number "2". If you drop more than two needles at a time - write the number "2", return the excess needles in the saucer. Decoding the code (0000-0101): Gypsy guessing on needles "code of love" is an effective and simple technique by which you can turn to fate, open the door to the future and realize a secret desire, if it does not harm another person.