Harmful industry, security measures

With the onset of pregnancy, probably every woman begins to understand the periodic table and the simplest chemical reactions. But how else if once abstract school knowledge now directly relates to the health of the unborn child?

The air becomes an ominous accumulation of CO2 and methane, water is a refuge of microbes, and in the juicy green apple all pesticides of the domestic and import industries are collected. Even the most ardent devotees of the urban lifestyle begin to dream of a house in the village. And if you have the opportunity to move nine months away from the ills of civilization, it probably needs to be done. Remembering at the same time that by doing so you will be away from her benefits - the opportunity to be observed by the best specialists, to attend fitness classes and courses for pregnant women, at any time to receive the necessary help. Harmful industry, security measures - that's what we'll talk about today.

In addition, in today's world there are almost no corners wherever by-products of harmful industry would not reach and did not reach, security measures exist for us too. And there is hardly any woman who does not use cosmetics, detergents and other chemicals. So, wherever you live - in the center of Moscow, on the outskirts of Suzdal or a few kilometers from the nearest village, you will certainly find our advice useful.

The simplest thing you can do for a baby is eating vegetables and fruits and walking more outdoors. The easiest? But where is all this taken in the metropolis?


The pollution of the atmosphere is perhaps one of the few dangers from which it is difficult to defend. Your task is to try to reduce the negative impact of carbon compounds and heavy metal salts to a minimum. Many of them are able to penetrate the placenta, causing a mutation of genes, increasing the risk of miscarriage, the birth of babies with low body weight and insufficient mental development.

If possible, stay away from industrial enterprises (especially metallurgical, chemical) and large motorways.

Walk and exercise in the fresh air in the morning, when the level of smog is not so high.

In the afternoon or evening try to walk next to the pond - in humid air below the concentration of harmful substances.

Vitamins and trace elements help to reduce the amount of toxins in the blood. So, the calcium preparation reduces the content of lead, iron and vitamin D - cadmium.

Avoid secondhand smoke - this is the most dangerous of all potential air threats. A baby can appear early in the world, with less weight, a predisposition to asthma, hyperactivity and aggressive behavior. It's all about the negative effects of nicotine on the brain, which causes mental disorders in children. And with passive smoking, this effect is almost as great as with active.


If you drink enough fluids, the body more successfully removes incoming from outside and accumulating toxins. However, this only applies to clean water. Polluted unfiltered by itself becomes a source of harmful substances.

Iron gives the water a reddish-brown color and worsens the taste. It causes the risk of allergic reactions and various liver diseases.

Manganese in an increased concentration gives an unpleasant taste and, with prolonged use, can have a mutagenic effect on the developing child.

Nitrates can adversely affect the formation of the cardiovascular system of the child and lead in the future to the development of cancer.

Toxic effects are caused by sulfides (leave an unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulfide). With constant use of harmful and hard water (high content of calcium and magnesium).


Increased salt content in water is a serious burden on the kidneys. Purify the water in the old way, defending for several hours in an open vessel. Some of the harmful substances will precipitate, and some will evaporate. Before drinking water must necessarily boil. The second way is cleaning with a filter.

Filters-jugs are the easiest to handle. They are good at removing chlorine and other impurities from the water, depending on the type of filler.

The nozzle on the tap acts like a jug filter.

Flow-throughs consist of a whole system of filters and cartridges, connected to a water pipe and output by a separate crane. There are a lot of varieties, including both mechanical and chemical cleaning of impurities, as well as the addition of the necessary water connections to you. To select the model you need, pre-analyze the tap water.

The accumulation filter - water, as in nature, passes through several filter layers from top to bottom. Often there is a device for mineralization, ionization and saturation with silver. The filter is not expensive, takes up a lot of space.

Methods of deep cleaning (for example, the action of reverse osmosis) deprive the water of the necessary trace elements and minerals. It begins to wash away calcium and other beneficial substances from your body, thereby depriving them and the baby.

From mineral waters it is possible to drink only table with mineralization not more than i g / l. Treatment, canteen and medicinal water - only with the permission of the doctor. Otherwise it can lead to an overabundance of salts.

Products |

Are you used to looking at the appearance of products? Learn to see what's inside. And choose the most useful.

Refuse from dishes from sea fish with high content of mercury - it slows down the development of the brain. This includes the royal mackerel, swordfish, a shark and some tuna species. Safe sources of omega-3 fatty acids, essential for the development of the baby's brain, include salmon, salmon, trout. To prevent the risk of premature birth, eat at least 35C. g fish and seafood per week.

Learn more from quality natural products. Now is the time to give up smoked, canned, semi-finished and finished products. They all contain dyes, preservatives, stabilizers and other harmful additives that negatively affect the mental, mental and physical development of the baby. Do not under any circumstances switch to sugar substitutes - many of them are carcinogens.

Particularly carefully approach the selection of vegetables and fruits. The pesticides contained in them can penetrate the placenta and increase the risk of birth defects, neurological abnormalities and cancer. Ideal - there are vegetables and fruits grown on their site or on an organic farm (without the use of chemical fertilizers and sprayers).

However, filling up the entire food basket is therefore almost impossible. Experts from the American non-profit organization Environmental Working Croup found out how many pesticides are able to absorb various fruits and vegetables, and made a rating of the most dangerous and safe products. The latter you can buy in any stores at any time of the year. With regard to the first group, it is better to observe the principle of seasonality and naturalness (buy from local producers). Thus, you can reduce the impact of pesticides to 80%!

Maximum of pesticides

Peach - 80%

Apples - 96%

Sweet pepper - 86%

Celery - 85%

Nectarines - 84%

Strawberries - 83%

Cherry / cherry - 75%

Green salad - 69%

Grapes - 68%

Pears - 65%

Potatoes / carrots - 58%

Minimal pesticides

Onion / Avocado - 6%

Corn - 2%

Pineapples -1%

Mango - 9%

Green peas / asparagus - 11%

Kiwi - 14%

Bananas - 16%

Cabbage - 17%

Eggplants - 19%

Tomatoes - 30%

Lemons / grapefruit - 31%

Electrical appliances

Most experts argue that the invisible radiation of antennas and electrical appliances has a huge impact on the body of the future mother and baby. Suppresses the immune system, increases the risk of fetal hypoxia, threats of abortion and congenital anomalies. And although strict scientific proofs do not yet exist (it is necessary that several generations of children grow up in the conditions of modern civilization), it is better not to take risks and already now try to protect the crumb from potentially dangerous waves.

One of the most harmful sources of radiation is a mobile phone. The World Health Organization recommends that pregnant women, if possible, give up cellular communication services. Or minimize the talk time - no more than 4 minutes per call. Do not carry the phone in your pocket in the immediate vicinity of the baby, do not put under the pillow and do not use as an alarm clock.

When using the computer every 4-5 minutes, take a break for 15 minutes. Keep a distance of at least 50-80 cm from the monitor to the eyes, and move away the powerfully radiating system unit. In notebooks, the main source of radiation is on the back, so do not hold it on your lap. When going to a cafe, it's better to choose one where there is no WiFi system.

Try not to heat food in the microwave oven, in extreme cases, ask relatives about it. Of all household appliances, its radiation is considered the most dangerous for the body. Make sure that it is always in good condition - through microcracks on the glass or a loose-fitting door, microwaves enter the room.

If possible, place large household appliances (refrigerator, TV, washing machine, microwave oven) with the back surface to the blunt wall. Electromagnetic beams are not absorbed by the surface, so thin partitions will not save you from radiation. Do not place the appliances in the bedroom or rest rooms.

According to the Institute of Human Ecology, an average of 150 types of chemical fumes are flown in each apartment. And only 25-30% gets there from the street.

Household chemicals

Most of cosmetic products and household products contain dangerous substances that accumulate in the air of enclosed spaces. At a high concentration, volatile organic compounds increase the risk of miscarriage and the birth of a child with a reduced body weight.

Check the contents of the shelf in the bathroom and leave only the most necessary of all jars.

Refuse to use any sprays (from deodorants to polishing for furniture) - from the air, chemicals immediately enter the blood.

If you still dye your hair during pregnancy, choose a paint that does not contain ammonia, containing only plant ingredients, or henna.

For manicure and pedicure, use nail polish without toluene.

Buy cosmetics without fragrances or using natural essential oils.

When buying household chemicals, read the label carefully. Take care that there are not many difficult words on it. Polyethylene, polyethylene glycol, polyoxyethylene and other substances that dissolve dirt and stains increase the risk of asthma and low weight. Eliminate the content of alcohol, volatile organic compounds, dyes and artificial odors.

Regularly ventilate the room and start house plants. Especially effective in purifying air all kinds of palm trees, dracaena.

A study conducted by scientists from the University of Bristol found that pregnant women who constantly use air fresheners, hair spray and other sprays are much more at risk for headaches and postpartum depression than women who use these products less than once a week.


Once the baby is born, be sure to breastfeed. Despite the fact that some heavy metals and pesticides can accumulate in breast milk, it still has an invaluable impact on the health of crumbs. Mom's milk reduces the amount of toxins in the baby's body, strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of allergies, infectious diseases, diabetes, obesity and various cancers. And not only in infancy, but also in adulthood!