How to choose the right glasses: 3 rules for those who want to look stylish!

Do not you get glasses? Perhaps you just did not find your ideal frame. Meanwhile, the choice of the right pair is not so complicated as it seems. Three simple lifhakas, proposed by stylists, will help to cope with this task.

How to choose points: expert recommendations

Rule one - no hard and fast rules. Forget that blondes do not go dark frames, and chubby fashionistas should pay attention only to geometric accessories. Try to try on glasses with rims of different colors, shapes and designs - perhaps your face will be decorated with exactly the model that you thought was not suitable. If you like certain glasses, try making a smartphone smartphone and carefully consider the result: the photo will objectively demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of the novelty.

Experiment and evaluate new forms

Rule two - focus not on the form, but on the facial features. The upper part of the frame should repeat the bend of the eyebrows, the lower one - to be in harmony with the jaw line, and the lateral one - to match the width of the face. Observe the proportions: neat little facial features and narrow chin require more elegant and medium-sized models, pronounced features and relief cheekbones perfectly complement the massive "bulk" glasses.

The frame should be in harmony with the facial features

Rule third - pay attention to the details. Models with bright frames, contrasting elements or decor are more demanding for make-up and styling. Dark frames distract attention from facial features, light ones, on the contrary - focus. Glasses with gradient glasses or the top frame visually soften the heavy lines of the lower zone of the face.

Spectacular glasses - accent fashion image