How to cure a hangover at home

Nature uses hangover syndrome in order to show how excessive alcohol consumption is detrimental to the body. The most effective is absolute abstinence or moderation in use. But sometimes there are situations when it's impossible not to drink. I mean holidays, family celebrations, joyful events in life.

But a hangover is our payment for busting with alcohol. If you know that the upcoming holiday involves drinking, then you should know how to cure a hangover at home.
If you do not want to get drunk and the next day it's hard to get sick from a hangover, then use the following means before drinking:
Activated carbon is able to absorb alcohol into itself and prevents its absorption. Take 3 tablets for 15 minutes of drinking alcohol. Then, every 2 hours, 2 tablets. Of course, it's hard to remember about these precautions at the height of the holiday, but if you do, then the next morning your body will say "thank you very much".
Similar properties are inherent in the drug Almagel. It should be taken 2 spoons 10-15 minutes before the feast. Then repeat in half an hour. With this technique, you do not get drunk, or almost not intoxicated.
A glass of milk before a feast - and there is no hangover, no headache. Also an excellent means of preventing a hangover.
Perfect prevention of intoxication is porridge. Eat half an hour before drinking a bowl of buckwheat, oatmeal, or semolina porridge - and when all around are drunk, then you will be almost sober.
Good effect is the use of vitamins during the intake of alcohol. The state of health improves significantly during the feast, and the next day. Take note.
How to cure a hangover at home? To do this, you need to know the means that cure the hangover syndrome.
You probably know the symptoms that determine the hangover syndrome. This is nausea, severe headache, dizziness, sensation, as if everything yesterday was not happening to you and surrounded by some kind of fog. This is because alcohol dehydrates the body, and therefore the body needs liquid in large quantities. That's why the next morning after beer and other spirits there is a "sushnyak" - a very strong thirst. A very good and true remedy is a quality long sleep. If you have a good night's sleep, the symptoms of a hangover will show up at the very minimum, or disappear altogether.
If you can not get enough sleep, for example, it's time to work, then contrast shower will be great. He lifts his tone, returns strength, cheerfulness of spirit. Tightly have breakfast, okroshka, mashed potatoes, various types of soups are good. If the mouth does not climb, then it's better not to force yourself, otherwise the risk of nausea and vomiting will increase. Usually the headache goes away after eating, eat something light: fruit or vegetables. You can even take some remedy for a hangover, for example, antipohmelin. Such funds are now sold in each stall.
You can drink strong coffee, soda, green strong tea. But each organism is individual. Drink what you love. Carefully watch your health. After all, it is possible, it is your body that may not be suitable.
Many people try to "get drunk", but I know many people who are just sick of thinking about alcohol in the morning. And some manage to drink so much that they avoid drinking alcohol for a long time, which is good for them. So leave this method for those to whom it is pleasing. Perhaps this is the way for you.
With unpleasant sensations in the stomach, the milk products are good: kefir, yogurt, yogurt.
An excellent and simple remedy for a hangover at home - water with sugar. Surprisingly, in my opinion, this is the most effective way to overcome a hangover.
Try to eat one tomato with salt. They say it's an excellent remedy for a hangover.
If you have an upset stomach, then a heavy breakfast will not do. Drink a few glasses of mineral water, it will work very well on the stomach.
Ascorbic acid reduces the alcohol content in the body. Activated charcoal is also very good, about 5-6 tablets. It absorbs all waste.
Good will help the most common tap water, mineral water, water with jam, sweet tea, grape juice.
Means - proven by time and millions of people, hung over with hangover - brine or kvass, highly salted brine restores water-salt balance in the body.
You can just go and take a walk in the fresh air if you are able to get out of bed without dizziness. The positive perception of the world will return, and the hangover syndrome will disappear.
I believe that the best means are to have a good night's sleep, eat in the morning, take a walk, drink water with sugar or pickle and take a contrast shower. All other methods are strictly individual for each person.
But still the most true, the best, one hundred percent effective way is just DO NOT drink!
Successful treatment to you!