How to make an apartment refurbishment

Excellent and high-quality repairs are impossible without large investments of your capital. The repair also takes away all your plans to put money aside for other planned expenses, for example, on long-awaited rest or the purchase of a TV.

Decided to re-paste the wallpaper and refresh the room? Try to do without serious spending. We will make economical repairs of apartments.
Before you start the repair you need to determine and calculate the total amount of work and spent on its time. Go shopping and study the range of building materials and get accustomed to prices. Since in one store the product can cost much more than the other, and the quality will not differ.

If you want, you can make a cosmetic repair yourself. If you consider that the services of finishers are not cheap and the benefits and saving money is obvious.
1. Decide on the amount you prefer to spend. Money should be in your hands, and not just about to appear.

2. Clearly plan, calculate and record the entire repair process. You must clearly understand what building materials will be needed and in what quantity. If you can not make an estimate, turn to a professional. But of course it will cost you money. But you can do it yourself, you just need to choose the time and slowly think things over.

3. Bargain if you buy building materials on the market, and do not forget about discounts if you buy everything in bulk. Call the store and find out all about the discounts provided.

4. A rational approach is needed in the delivery of the purchased goods at home. Think carefully that you do not have to go after the goods many times. This will save on transportation costs. If your friends have a car, ask them to help you, of course you have to pay for gasoline, but it's still cheaper than ordering a lorry or taxi.

5. The Internet is another source of shopping for affordable money.

6. Do you plan to putty the walls? Instead of expensive acrylic putty, you can buy gypsum plaster. It is cheaper, and the quality of your repair will not suffer from this. Are you going to plaster the walls? Keep in mind, plaster with good adhesion allows you to save on priming the surface of the wall.

7. Wall decoration with textured wallpaper creates a visual effect, allowing to hide, the disadvantages of the wall surface, so there may not be a need for their alignment.

8. Vinyl wallpaper is considered the most resistant and durable. And among their subspecies there are washing wallpaper, which, by the way, you can even decorate the bathroom, which will cost 2 - 3 times cheaper than ceramic tiles. The only places in the bathroom where he inherits to lay the wallpaper wallpaper are near the bathroom and the sink. Do not you like washable wallpaper? Then buy double paper wallpaper (duplex). They are not so persistent, but environmentally friendly, breathing. There are also single wallpaper (siplex), but their appearance and quality are not very good and leaves much to be desired.

9. Determine what building materials you will use during the repair, and calculate them so that after repairs you do not have anything superfluous.

10. Do not save on plumbing and windows. To find cheaper is certainly necessary, but the quality should be decent.

11. Heaters can be found and cheaper, in principle they are almost all the same in terms of working parameters, but they can be different in installation.

12. But if you are very fond of constantly changing the color of the walls, then you can also save money. In this case, you can buy glass wallpaper. In this case, you can refuse to align your walls. But you can always fantasize with the color of the walls, even every year. If you have the time and energy for this. Because repair takes a lot of time and your strength.