How to organize a picnic?

A picnic is a country fun ride with the company. Its main goal is to make everyone happy and comfortable. Every time you go on a picnic, you need to think about some nuances that will turn it into a pleasant pastime, and not a nightmare.

What do you need to remember?

Decide who will cook. If it's men, let them feel that they are prey-makers, and women can enjoy good meat without doing anything. After all, we always cook at home in the kitchen. Brazier, shish kebab, grill is a device for building a fire and frying meat, sausages or vegetables. Everyone knows that usually in nature all of the meat is eaten up.

The best fuel is charcoal, which can be purchased at any supermarket. But if there is no coal, then you can collect dry branches, but remember that it is not recommended to use coniferous wood for these purposes, they will give the meat not the best taste.

Take flammable liquids with you: tablets of dry alcohol, a liquid for ignition and others. Do not forget lighters and matches.

Remember about such useful trifles as the fork of a genuine handle for an onion, pliers with a long handle for raking up coals, a spatula for turning food, a corkscrew, a picnic tableware (preferably if it is a bodetodism).

You can not do without a picnic

To a picnic was held at a high level, it is necessary to organize it well. Do not let anything "namamotec". First of all, gather all the essentials, especially if you go to the forest or to the river, and not to your dacha. You will need plastic or metal utensils (spoons, forks, plates, glasses), bowls (for shish kebab and different salads), bucket or bowler, skewers, spit, cauldron, pair of sharp knives, napkins, hatchet (if you will build a fire), firewood or charcoal, old newspapers (to build a fire), garbage bags, mosquito repellent, warm clothes (if you are traveling with an overnight stay), first-aid kit, water, and, of course, products.

How to choose a place for a picnic

In most cases, people go to the already checked-out site or pick it up the day before the fees. If you organize a picnic on a hot day, then choose a place under the trees or under the awning. Perhaps you have a folding table for a picnic, you can take it with you, if not, then settle down on the grass, but first lay the oilcloth, and then the old covers. When choosing a place for a fire, pay attention to which direction the wind is in, so that then you do not get in the way of smoke. When you are ready to go home, collect all the garbage and leave the place in the form that it had before you arrived.

We select products and think through the menu

First you need to determine the number of people, and then already buy products, given the tastes of each person. Try not to take with you foods that quickly deteriorate or eat them in the first place. But even then, they should be placed in tight bags, not plastic containers, in which the food will not breathe and quickly disappear. It is desirable to cool the products well. Put bags or bags frozen or chilled fish or meat products, and on top all the others. Take a foil with you, so that you can bake food in the ash of a fire or under a fire, so they will not burn.

How to prepare poultry and meat for snacks

Meat for shish kebabs is best to marinate beforehand or to do it already on a picnic, but it will be necessary to wait a little while they are prepared. But remember that meat should not be ice cream, only fresh. If you cook an ear, then take the fish, if, of course, the participants in the picnic are going to arrange fishing. Turn on the menu of cold appetizers from fried chicken - it's very practical. Fry the meat in the oven still at home, cool it and bring it with you. If you can cook a soup at the stake, then take a frozen bird with you.

How to use cereals and vegetables

Of vegetables, it is not necessary to prepare salads, you can simply cut them into pieces. The beauty of a picnic is that everything can be eaten by hands, of course without taking into account the ear or soup. Of course, no picnic is needed without baked potatoes, so take it raw in the right amount. Will not prevent you on the nature of the curd vegetables: carrots, beets, parsnips. Despite all the delicious foods that you take with you, you can firmly say that there is nothing tastier than brewed on a burbot. At home, you can never give the porridge this unusual taste. Pick up those cereals that are quickly cooked (buckwheat, rice steak, millet).

Bread some other products

Do not forget about sweets, sugar, tea brew, cookies, fish and canned meat, especially if you plan a sortie with children. Smoked bacon, salt, lean little, spices for the soup will also be needed. Remember ohleb, but know the measure, because you can not throw it out afterwards, especially with children. Remember about the belief, which says that if you threw out the bread, it means that somewhere your unclean growls. Separately, something to talk about alcohol, I think not worth it. Everyone decides for himself what will be a drink, but of course, you need to coordinate it with everyone. Remember that a picnic is a joint holiday, which is filled with joy, so drink alcohol in moderation.

Games for children at a picnic

What do children do at a picnic? Unite all children can only play, so be sure to choose some interesting games. Adults can start the game to show and explain the rules, and the children will continue. If the game takes care of it, then adults can play with the children. As prizes for the winners, you can prepare delicious treats or buy some trinkets that children like so much. Here are several game options, so if you like them, then bring along the necessary equipment: balls, buckets, spoons, inflatable rubber balls, plastic balls, etc.

Options for kids at a picnic

Naughty balloons

Only two people play, the rest are sick for them. Both players get 3 inflated balloons, they have to squeeze them into their hands on a whistle to run to the indicated place so that they do not lose a single ball. The one who has more balls in his hands will.


All children should take the inflated ball, put it on his head and try to bring to the specified place. You can move in different ways, but do not touch the ball with your hands. The winner is the one who will cope with the task.

Fly, fly the petal

Play 2 or 4 people. The essence of the game is to keep a feather, a balloon or a piece of cotton wool as long as possible, participants must blow them heavily.


From one tree to another, you need to tie a rope and hang a bell on it. Everyone should throw a ball at a certain distance into the bell. The winner is the one whose bell often rings. You can blindfold this game.

Who will take potatoes?

Each player to distribute tablespoons with nested potatoes. Each participant must keep a spoon in one hand in one hand and run to the specified place through obstacles (bags, baskets). The winner receives all the potatoes, and then she bakes in the ash of the fire.


A ball or a well inflated ball is squeezed between the clubs and on the whistle players jump with it to the specified place. Loses this, at whom the ball has burst or jumped out during jumps.

Flying Balloon

Each participant is given a ball (each with his own color) and the whistle of the leader is inflated by the players. Then everyone becomes in a row, throwing a ball and blowing on it so that it flew away as far as possible. The winner is the one whose balloon has flown further.