How to save money in the family budget

Economy - should be economical. Everyone understands this, but it always turns out to "mend" the gaps in the family budget. From time immemorial people wondered what to do to prevent their family budget from "leaking".

How to save in the family budget. This global problem of many families does not give rest and a normal life. Love begins to break about life and lack of money. Let's look at this ill-fated problem together. To begin with we will understand: from what the family budget develops?

Naturally, the main components of the budget are the incomes and expenses of this family. Of what the incomes are formed, it is clear from the outset that this is wages, plus an additional income. And what are the costs? You can have a notebook in which you will write down the expenses of your family for a month, after a month, review all your costs and analyze. It is quite possible to find unnecessary expenses in this list. More often than not, young couples who have not learned to live on their own spend large amounts of money on unnecessary items and entertainment. Therefore, their money usually ends at the speed of light.

To save the family budget, you can learn to do everything yourself. To my husband - to repair household appliances, to direct the plumbing, to do the repair in the apartment, etc. To sew, knit, prepare food from ordinary foodstuffs, etc. This will very sharply reduce unnecessary expenses, and still remain from wages for your leisure. To save for utilities. Look at how you spend electricity. As unnecessary, do not turn on the microwave, electric kettle, washing machine, and do not leave the computer on in the standby mode. On the water it is desirable to put the counters, so that you are removed only by counters.

When you analyze your real costs within a month, plan the expenses for the next month, by negating unnecessary expenses from your expenses. The main food is better to buy once a month and on a pre-prepared list so that you do not have the desire to buy something unnecessary in the store. The rest of the food products can be bought within a month, but before going to the store do not take all your remaining money, but only the part that you need to purchase these products.

Often young families make an irreparable "hole" in their family budget through loans. They completely mired in this infernal machine called credit. Before taking such an important step, to purchase the necessary for you a major purchase. Think again, whether it is so important to you at this stage of life, and how you will pay for it, whether you have enough money. Why do you need a music center if you have a new computer? Why buy a 100-inch plasma TV diagonally, if you were given a decent TV for the wedding? All these excesses are good when you can afford it and your budget no longer bursts at the seams of the loans.

Economists have even begun to calculate their family budget. Imagine that you will postpone at least 10 rubles each day, which you spend in vain. You have for the year will accumulate 3650 rubles, this money you can buy something for the family. And if you leave more, do not waste it, this will make your budget.

Spread money on envelopes. 1 envelope - utilities; 2 envelope - study; 3 envelope - tickets; 4 envelope - food products (for the first month you can roughly compare the costs of products); 5 envelope - payment on the loan; 6 envelope - for household items; 7 envelope - for entertainment; 8 envelope - for a rainy day (even, you sat down with only 10 rubles left). Having such strict control over your income and expenses. You will learn to control your family budget. And in summer you can go on vacation without straining.