Jason Statham: tough guy

He, of course, is not Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. He's a guy from nowhere, completely unafraid of his past. Jason Statham never dreamed of success in movies, let alone Hollywood, but became one of the most colorful examples of British exports to Hollywood. The rise to the top of the Hollywood Olympus began 12 years ago with one of the main roles in the sensational film "cards, money, two trunks."

As a rule, only one "hard nut" should appear on the "dream factory". Spitfire, a bald head and the ability to defend his pointing to the very end - to this day, this status was Bruce Willis. Of course, everyone was sure that after the release of the first part of the "Threepox" and "Fast and the Furious" the place of the bald favorite of the audience will be Vin Diesel, but from nowhere on the horizon a new hero comes up, moreover, plus to all the non-American, and the Briton in its origin. Jason Statham, who became known to us, having played the role of Bacon in one of the cult films of Guy Ritchie and modern, acquired the role of a new star of militants. Actor at the same time managed to reconcile in 3x4 "action-movies" during the year. Many will agree that Statham has become a hostage to one role, but this is far from the case, because the actor is too good and charismatic, and his characters always go straight ahead to the goal beforehand.

Jason Statham's Personal Affair

The actor was born on September 12 in London, in 1972. Twelve years of his life the future star of militants gave diving. Actively engaged in the arts and kickboxing. It is for this reason that Jason tries to perform all the complicated tricks in the films without doubles. The most interesting projects of the actor were: the criminal thriller "Thirteen" with Mickey Rourke in the main genre, and an action called "The Expendables", which deals with mercenaries that were sent to South America with the goal of overthrowing the dictator's power. The director of this picture was himself Sylvester Stallone. In addition to Statham, the film featured such famous actors asJet Lee, Dolph Lungren, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Erik Roberts. In addition, the actor starred in as many as three films of the famous Guy Richey, namely: "Maps, money, two trunks" (1998), "Big Kush" (2000) and "Revolver" (2005).

Street cheater

For a long time, Statham even thought about his career in vain, and this even despite the fact that he was rooted in a creative family - the father was a singer, and the mother changed the position of costume designer to a dancer. After the birth of a little son, a family from London moved to the county of Norfolk. Refusing to follow in the footsteps of his parents, Jason went head to head with sports - he began to intensively engage in diving and achieved tremendous success. 12 years, he devoted to the occupation, hitting the national team of divers in Britain, after which an agent came to one of the trainings in order to find guys for filming commercials. Due to this, Jason received a very profitable contract of one of the famous brands of clothing, which soon appeared in the role of the main sponsor of the future masterpiece of Guy Ritchie, which is called "Cards, money, two barrels." At that time, the director was in great need of colorful actors, and the sponsor advised him it was Jason Statham. Richie was very interested in Statham's biography, namely, the fact that, in addition to the model business, he took part in selling counterfeit goods on the streets of London. Perhaps this played into the hands of the future actor, whom Richie took one of the main roles in his film. It was this film that helped the actor discover new horizons in his career. To hold the brand, Jason played in another pictureGaya Richie called "Big Jackpot", and then left his native England directly to Hollywood, where he took up working with John Carpentier on the fantastic "Ghost of Mars". The actor was also seen with Jeat Lee in the film "Confrontation".

Big Star

According to Statham, the main thing - for the film to receive Oscar, and the love of the audience! But it's true! Of course, Statham is far from handsome, but it has its own special zest: a brutal and simple charisma that you can not hide. Like the impeccable body that the former sportsman is constantly supporting in shape. For his rapid career in the cinema, Jason starred in two shiz ("Adrenaline", "Carrier"), and, as a rule, for every actor is the main indicator of success. True, the last parts of these films caused special wrangling, but not as to the actor himself. In most of his roles, Statham shows the world badly as it really is. Once the actor played a romantic role in the drama "London", where his partners on the set were Djessica Bill and Chris Evans. This film was filmed in just 20 days and did not bring much success to the actor.

Personal preferences

Whether due to the rules of Hollywood, or his own practicality, Jason acquired property in Los Angeles. As for personal life, then without attention such a man just does not remain. Even an unpleasant story related to his ex-girlfriend Kelly Brooke happened to have been shot. The actor began to date when the girl was only seventeen. Pretty Woman is a great figure, having learned about the success of Statham in the cinema, she did not hesitate to go to the Bahamas for filming in one of their Hollywood films, where her partner was Billy Zane. And after a time, the newspaper's cover-ups, Jason found out that his lover was twirling an affair with this most zeyn. According to the ex-girlfriend of the actor, she simply sought to be independent. Statham is very offended. He even asked Father Kelly to reconcile them, arguing that he can not live without his daughter. But despite all this "love story" to this day, Jason in every way trying to avoid meeting with Brooke.

After Kelly, the actor in life had two more beloved: Alex Zosman and Sophia Monk. These ladies did not yield to each other in beauty. Suleks (his last passion), he quite suddenly broke off relations. Yesterday they broke up together at one of the parties, and the next day he was caught by another woman. Now, meeting with the British model Rosie Huntinging-Whiteley, the actor looks very happy and in love. By the way, this is quite non-surprising, because the beloved is younger than the actor for as long as 15 years. For the first time in the country, a couple was seen in April 2010 in the framework of the Coachella music festival, after which they are constantly together in public. It will be appropriate to say that they look like a couple, very effective. Most likely, the reason for that was the good taste of Statham!