Ksenia Sobchak has proved that she does not have cellulite

Ksenia Sobchak has proved that she does not have cellulite

The latest news from Instagram TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak shows that she is seriously concerned about the opinion of fans and subscribers about her stellar figure. The other day a secular diva showed how easy it can be to stretch in a cross-twine, then she assured the fans that she was doing sports every day, even while relaxing on a yacht with friends. And again, failure: Xenia has to justify herself and prove to the whole Instagram world that her stellar legs do not suffer from terrible cellulite!

By the way, Ksenia Sobchak is concerned not only with fanfire on the topic of imperfection of his figure, but also because so far many are inclined to perceive her exclusively as the leading House-2.

Ksenia Sobchak: It's very sad that some people recognize me only at Dom-2

Meanwhile, Ksenia Sobchak believes that she has long grown out of her youthful role and now conducts serious political programs. After the recent debates of Navalny and Chubais on the air of the Rain channel with the participation of TV host Ksenia Sobchak, the star could not stand it and expressed in a characteristic manner all its criticism of Russian society:

"Departing from my girlfriend's girlfriend's hen-party, it seemed to me that the first direct debates with the governor is very important, it's a sensation! But no. It turned out that the problems of Rosnano worry the majority much less than "Sobchak without photoshop" in the top of Yandex. Therefore, apparently, we live in the system of state administration that we deserve. Because cellulite is more important than politics: (((But what's there to say, I still still recognize some people only on House2 and not on the ethers of the Rain ... And it's very sad ... "

As we can see, Ksenia was angered by everything: both the low interest of citizens in politics, and the association of her name only with the Dom-2 telecast, and the unhealthy interest in her cellulite.

Ksenia Sobchak shook her hips without cellulite

Immediately Xenia hurried to put a video on which cheerfully shakes tightened hips, suggesting the instagramers once again make sure that you should not look for her orange peel. But, alas, the viewer's view was not entirely appropriate, because the scandalous secular lioness showed not the buttocks, where often there is ugly cellulite, but only the knees and the front surface of the thighs.

Ksenia Sobchak also invited me to join her in the morning's daily training session:

"Friends! I wait for all doubters in my physical form at the hotel Ritz Carlton on the -1 floor at 12 AM EVERY day, except business trips. I'll introduce you to coach Kolya :)) and my body, it's not perfect, and will inevitably only get worse with years, and then in general, do not believe it, die. Therefore, giving him the proper one and a half hours a day, I try to concentrate all the same on more important and lasting things. And I wish you that !! "

Finally, in all the unfortunate foreshortenings flashed in the yellow press, Ksenia Sobchak accused television and inept photographers who are able to add up to 6 kilograms to the stars and make a horror story even from Angelina Jolie.

After such detailed comments on the TV presenter about his cellulite, which, according to Xenia, one of the most popular queries of search engines on the Internet, you can safely hope that the latest news of politics will finally deserve the public interest.