Olga Buzovoi another depression: Dmitry Tarasov made a romantic surprise Anastasia Kostenko

Just two weeks later, Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova can mark the last common date of Tarabuzikov - December 30 will be exactly one year from the date of their divorce. It can not be said that this year was the most terrible for Buzov. Thanks to her divorce TV presenter became the most popular star of the Russian Internet space.

Of course, it was not easy for Olga to resign herself to the fact that her beloved husband went to another. However, the tragedy in his personal life has become a powerful incentive for creativity and for business - in her divorce, Olga has made a fortune.

Dmitry Tarasov makes Anastasia Kostenko surprises, which were previously intended Buzovoy

Now ex-husband Olga Buzovoy flew to rest with his new wife in the Maldives. For the latest news of the pair, which has gained popularity thanks to the leading "Doma 2", Internet users are closely monitoring.

Already more than once the subscribers of Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko noted that the pair in many respects repeats the relations of Tarabuzikov. The followers get the impression that the young model imitates Olga Buzovaya, choosing even similar outfits. Today in the instas of Anastasia Kostenko there was a video of a romantic surprise, which was prepared for her by a football player. Tarasov used candles, balls and roses to admit the girl in her feelings. Happy Anastasia Kostenko hastened to boast video in her blog:
However, many of the followers seemed familiar familiar picture. At one time, Dmitry Tarasov arranged such romantic surprises for his former wife Olga Buzovoy:

Olga Buzova admitted that she is still worried about the betrayal of her ex-husband

As soon as Internet users saw the video of Anastasia Kostenko, many of them suggested that it would be a blow for Olga Buzovoy. It all happened. The video of Tarasov's romantic surprise for Kostenko did not pass by the TV presenter. Despite the whole year that has passed since the separation of the couple, Olga Buzova is still hard to survive the betrayal of her husband. The star "Doma-2" barely restrained tears, admitted to the fans that she again began to feel depressed:
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