The main signs that a man is married

In a woman's relationship with a married man, only the latter always wins. He is comfortable - at home comfort and a strong rear, on the side - the passion and satisfaction of his needs. A woman who respects herself will never voluntarily do it. Therefore, ladies try to evade dating and intimacy with another's unfaithful husband beforehand. What are the main signs that a man is married? Attention: every woman should know this!

1. The wedding ring.

Or, rather, his absence. It does not mean anything at all. Real pathological change-takers deliberately do not wear an engagement ring. And many of those who come on a business trip, as soon as they get to freedom, immediately remove this bored "collar" from their fingers and hide it away. But even in this case, on his ring finger of his right hand, there are always traces of the ring in the form of a slight rubbing, pallor or calluses.

2. Printing in the passport

Not a single normal man, or an out-and-out womanizer, will come to your head to show you his passport just to prove his freedom. If a guy on the issue of having a wife immediately gets his passport, then it should immediately alert.

We must not forget that even the absence of a seal in a marriage certificate does not guarantee that this man does not have a serious relationship with another woman. Nobody canceled civil marriages.

3. The exact sign of a married man - if he does not happen with you on weekends and holidays

This way to distinguish a woman from a bachelor is verified by life itself. If a man stubbornly does not want to plan with you a joint pastime on Saturdays and Sundays or on big holidays, this can mean only one thing: he spends this time with his family.

4. If he does not stay with you for the night

If he every evening strives to disappear from your bedroom under a bunch of pretexts, then he definitely has another - a wife or a girlfriend. However, one must understand that there are exceptions to any rule. For example, there are such busy men-businessmen who almost do not live with their family, but they are not going to get divorced at all. And there are those who manage to live in two houses. They can easily spend the weekend with their family at the dacha, and the whole working week to live with you in a separate apartment.

5. If he does not invite you to himself

Or he is exactly married, or embarrassed to introduce you to his relatives. Or he just does not take your relationship seriously. In any case, the fact that a man does not want to let you into his life is a bad sign.

6. He avoids meetings in public places

If your man is limited only to intimate communication at home or in a hotel, he does not take you out to people - he does not invite you to a restaurant, cafe, beach, party, so it makes sense to hide your relationship.

7. If he avoids speaking at you on the phone

So, for example, if you are in good communication, and he always goes out to talk on the phone, because he has a "serious conversation on the case," or he needed to go to the toilet, or he went for cigarettes. Do so: as soon as someone calls to him, and he jumps up and goes out into the corridor, leave him in a couple of seconds. If he is embarrassed, or starts blaming you for spying, or jokes at random, then this is always a bad sign.

8. He does not give his phone number

Married men are always supervised by their wives, so the employed gentlemen usually ask, and sometimes demand that you do not call them at all or call only at the appointed time on a certain day. He does this not to cause suspicion of treason against his wife.

9. If he often ignores your calls and SMS or resets them

This means that he is married or at least you are not his only girl. After all, it's true, somehow it is not convenient for her husband to chat with his mistress when his wife, kids or mother-in-law are near. Therefore, the women often drop phone calls and SMS from their mistresses, or quickly whisper into the phone "I'll call you back! "And turn off.

10. He does not carry your gifts and does not use them

These are obvious signs that a man is married. A married man will never bring home gifts from his mistress in the form of frank panties or rings with a dedication. He will never take home a present in the form of a love card or a valentine with your signature. He will do anything to leave them with you under any pretext, or he will simply throw them away and say that he has lost, broken, torn, forgotten in the minibus, etc.

11. He does not want to be photographed with you

And then everything is clear: after all, any photo is a dirt. A married man will never take your photo as a present and will not keep it in his purse or on the desktop.

12. If he himself says that he is married

Want to get recognition? Just ask him directly and watch the reaction. Start a conversation with the fact that you love him, that you are ready for a wedding, for the birth of children from him. If a man turns pale, sweats, starts to stammer and zasobiraetsya leave - do not hold him. Let it go, you definitely do not follow the path.

There are many other small nuances that indicate that a man is married. But these basic signs can not be missed. Relations with a married man can not be full, so you need faster, yet love is not covered with the head, to take away the feet.