Son of Anna Sedokova grows a copy of Sergei Svetlakov, photo

Very soon, in 2.5 months the son of Anna Sedokova will turn a year old. The singer hid the baby's face for a while, but eventually decided to satisfy the curiosity of her fans. Little Hector is not too similar to Mom yet - the child has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Publication from ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova)

Those who closely follow the latest news about the personal life of Anna Sedokova, knows that the father of her third child is Artyom Komarov, a young businessman with whom the singer has never had a relationship. What exactly was the reason that Artem did not marry Anna, is unknown. However, Sedokova alone brings up the baby.

Internet users are struck by the similarity of Sedokova's son with Sergei Svetlakov

The other day in the Instagram Anna Sedokova appeared a new photo of Hector. The grown up kid reminded subscribers of the well-known showman, Sergei Svetlakov. Commentators are struck by an amazing similarity. The baby has a lot more traits from the famous humorist than from his own parents:
narinka_83 Svetlakov is very like 😂
christina_mazepa Svetlakov looks like
timoshenko.yulya1985 Looks like Svetlakova
arina_777_li It looks like Svetlakova
svalina It looks like Svetlakova
It's worth saying that this is not the first time that celebrity children look like their colleagues. So, for several years, fans of Anastasia Stotskaya were sure that she gave birth to her son Sasha from Philip Kirkorov. Given that the singer at the beginning of his career had an affair with the king of the Russian stage, many believed in the fatherhood of the performer. How to explain the similar similarity of the son of Anna Sedokova and Sergei Svetlakov, if the artists do not intersect in life, is unclear. Nevertheless, Hector really looks very much like a showman. How do you think?

Publication from Sergey Svetlakov (@ssvetlakov)