Wedding season

Traditionally, autumn is considered a season for weddings, but modern young people prefer to marry in the spring and summer, and not only when the leaves fall. Now you can play the wedding at any time of the year and choose not only the season, but the country. Even in winter you can find a corner where the warm sun shines and even a hot summer you can find a pleasant coolness.

Czech Republic.
In recent years, the Czech Republic has become one of the most visited countries by Russian tourists. This is not only sought by beer lovers, appreciate architecture, but also the bride and groom.
The most popular wedding scenario in the Czech Republic is a wedding in an ancient castle, of which there are many in this country. The newlyweds are offered to marry in medieval ways. They are dressed in historical costumes, brought to the castle in a carriage, where they play a real performance - and knight fights, and ancient music, and traditional dishes. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of romance, then this option will be the best.
But you need to know that in order for your marriage to be recognized as legitimate, you will have to observe several rules. For example, all necessary documents must be translated into Czech. You will have to pay consular fees, a transfer, a ceremony, a rent of a hall, the work of a guide and an interpreter, witnesses and photographers. The average cost of a wedding in the Czech Republic usually does not exceed 3000 tons of dollars.

Austria is a very ancient and romantic country. It seems to have been created especially for the holidays in honor of the lovers. If you would like a truly unusual ceremony, then you will like the wedding on the Ferris wheel in Prater Park, which is in Vienna. It's just a fairy-tale attraction, where several small booths are slowly moving in a circle. Your view will open a beautiful view of the ancient city, and the bridal suite, equipped with a marble table and decorated in mahogany, will make you feel like a king and queen. At the highest point of ascent, you can tell each other the cherished "yes" and become a husband and wife.
In addition, you can choose a wedding in one of the ancient palaces, the City Hall or the Museum of Butterflies.
In order for the ceremony to pass without hesitation, it is recommended to come to Austria a few days before the celebration in order to slowly draw up the necessary papers.
The cost of a wedding in Austria can be very budgetary - only $ 1000, and maybe quite expensive - 6000 - 10,000 tons of dollars.

The Seychelles.
Seychelles is a dream of many couples, everyone would like to visit here at least once in their life. It is difficult to find a place on earth more suitable for wedding ceremonies. Here you can be alone on a wild beach, where, holding hands, enter a new life. Uninhabited island, wedding tent, bungalow, romantic dinner - that's what awaits the newlyweds on these paradise islands.
You can choose any hotel and beach for the wedding ceremony. It can be either very solemn, or rather simple.
True, for that. to conclude a legal marriage, you will have to stay in Seychelles for at least three days.
Such a wedding will cost the bride and groom in a fairly modest sum - from 1000 to 4000 dollars.

Another popular place is Cyprus. It can be called a pilgrimage place for newlyweds, weddings are played here very often. And it's easy to explain. Here is a wonderful climate, low prices, ancient traditions. What could be better than the wedding ceremony held among the legendary ruins, near the temples, columns, where the proud Greek gods may have walked. Each pair now has a real chance to become a part of myths. You can choose a hotel or town hall, cultural center or museum, if you want.
You will be required to have witnesses present at the ceremony. True, you can choose absolutely any people, so difficulties usually do not arise.
And to pay for the ceremony with all the holiday attributes you will not have more than 3000 dollars.

In addition, beautiful weddings are played in Sri Lanka, Goa, Italy, Jamaica and Mauritius. It's difficult to choose - all these corners are beautiful, but they are so good that for each pair there is a place where they can feel truly happy.