The next triumph of Karl Lagerfeld in Paris

Karl Lagerfeld continues to amaze the audience with his shows. What has already seen guests of his shows - and supermarkets right on the podium, and demonstrations with banners and megaphones. And this time the famous couturier invited his audience to a real French cafe. And it does not matter that the action took place in a huge room "Grand Palais" - the master of the spectacles managed to create an atmosphere of comfort, filled with the aromas of coffee and Parisian bread.

Again, fashion industry professionals, show business stars and fashion connoisseurs vie with their admiration - both the show itself and the models presented on it were flawless. Moreover - every image created by the legendary couturier can be called an artwork without exaggeration. Yes, the 81-year-old designer continues to demonstrate his unique talent and unrivaled professionalism, apparently, not intending to give way to the young.

The inspirer of this Parisian Lagerfeld show was the unrivaled Coco Chanel, and on the podium reigned retro atmosphere. Attentive garls served coffee for guests, waitresses bobbed, bar-men changed at the bar - all these roles were played by Kendall Jenner, Kara Delevin and other models. Watching the life of the Parisian cafe Kim Kardashian with the family, Miroslava Duma, Anna Wintour and other celebrities who undoubtedly already looked at themselves the outfits from the new collection of Karl Lagerfeld.