About the "fast fashion" and its terrible consequences were told in the new film at the Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival can reasonably be called not only the largest cultural event, but also fashionable. After all, the red carpet of this event before the opening ceremony becomes a real catwalk, in which the most beautiful, refined, artistic and elegant women of the world defile in the outfits of famous couturiers and world brands. Not every Fashion Week can boast such a large-scale display of Haute couture.

However, this year the guests of Cannes could see not only the brilliance and luxury of modern fashion, but also its reverse - not too attractive - side. It's about fast fasion. Yes, there is such a term in the fashion world, and it means a concept that is no less harmful and scary than fast food. Within the framework of the festival, a documentary about a fast fashion entitled "True Price" was shown. The picture tells about the price paid by the poor people of African countries for the opportunity of the rich and famous to wear things of high-profile brands, for fabulous profits of fashionable corporations, for cheap clothes for the inhabitants of developed countries.

We are talking about the poorest countries in the world, where today the majority of enterprises of large brands of clothing, footwear, accessories are concentrated. In pursuit of cheap labor, world brands have almost completely mastered the black continent. True, they did not bring even a minimum income to the families of their employees, who for pennies work in damp, dirty, emergency buildings, sometimes even risking their lives. Unfortunately, the crew, in the work on the film from famous designers and brands, only Stella McCartney and representatives of the Patagonia brand took part.