Tips cosmetologists, cosmetics for hair

In the article "Cosmetic Tips, Cosmetics for Hair" we will tell you how to take care of your hair. Beautiful hair is the main decoration of a woman. Each type of hair needs appropriate care. But there are a lot of means in stores, what can you choose from this variety of goods? And for what all these means for hair are necessary? We will tell you how to use hair cosmetics, and how it works. And already a choice, which hair cosmetics will be used for you.

What is hair cosmetics?
Cosmetics for hair can be of four types:
- Mass market - sold in every cosmetics store.
- Therapeutic - which is sold in pharmacies.
- Professional - which is sold in beauty salons.
- Home - various folk remedies for hair care.

In addition to these types of cosmetics, there is a division into such hair products as: balms, shampoos, conditioners, rinsers, indelible agents, styling products, hair dye and hair masks. We will consider how to use this or that tool and for what it is intended.

It is a remedy for cleansing the hair from dust, dirt and sebum and to cleanse the scalp. Shampoos are available for certain types of hair: normal, fatty, stained, anti-dandruff, damaged and dry. Shampoos help your hair to stay beautiful and healthy.

Shampoo should be selected for yourself based on the type of hair and the effect that you want to get (getting rid of dandruff, preserving color, smoothing, volume). Every day, it is not recommended to use hair shampoos "2 in 1", they can not provide full hair care to the hair.

Before using this or that shampoo it is necessary to read the instruction, some shampoo should be washed off immediately, another shampoo should be held for a few minutes on the hair.

He is paired with shampoo and is chosen similarly. The balm is intended for hair nutrition and for additional recovery. Also, the balm facilitates combing of hair, protects the hair from damage when combing, and when stacked with a hair dryer. The balm should be applied to damp clean hair for 3 or 5 minutes, then rinse well with running water.

Conditioner (rinse aid)
To date, a conditioner, conditioner and balm, it's the same thing. The conditioner is intended, in order to protect the hair when using a hair dryer and when stacking from damage to the hair. The conditioner envelops each hair with a protective film and prevents their drying, and also moisturizes the hair.

The conditioner makes the hair smooth and healthier. Apply the hair conditioner to the hair, you need to start with the tips, and if you leave the skin head without an air conditioner, the hair will become bulky.

Hair Mask
The mask contains nutrient and reducing substances in a concentrated form, designed to restore damaged hair. The mask is able to restore the strength and shine of hair, stimulates growth, prevents the appearance of split ends of hair, prevents hair loss, nourishes and eliminates dandruff.

In comparison with balms, hair masks are effective, but they should not be taken every day. No more than 2 or 3 times a week. To get an additional effect, some masks should be applied in an even warmer form on the scalp and wrapped. As a rule, a mask is applied to clean, damp hair and left for 5 or 20 minutes, then the hair is thoroughly washed.

Indelible funds
These are different indelible conditioners, fluids, serums, ampoules, sprays, creams. Apply them to damp, clean or dried hair for extra protection.

Such indelible means for hair need to be selected depending on their goals. After all, indelible products are nutritious and protective, from split ends and for smoothing hair, for over-dried hair and for easy combing. Be sure to read the instruction before use.

The paint is intended for painting gray hair and for changing the natural color of your hair. Distinguish the persistent paint, it does not wash off, but it contains ammonia. Semi-permanent hair dye, does not contain ammonia, but after 20 or 30 times washed off. Tinted means, which do not contain hydrogen peroxide and without ammonia, do not change the color of the hair, but only give the desired shade, it is usually washed off 6 or 10 times.

Usually when using a persistent and semi-permanent hair dye, the structure of the hair is damaged, and to restore the hair, you need to use masks to restore.

Medical cosmetics
Balms, medical shampoos and other products are intended for the treatment of hair diseases, they do not need to be used constantly. Therapeutic cosmetics, is a medicine for the hair, and use it to take courses. Because you can not get rid of the problems, and get yourself new problems - fragility and dryness, hair loss, thinning.

Therapeutic cosmetics deeper affects the scalp and hair, eliminates dandruff and restores the structure of damaged hair. Such cosmetics does not contain dyes, fragrances, preservatives, so it does not cause allergies and does not irritate the scalp. A therapeutic shampoo, it will be better if a doctor appoints you to it, or use the advice and feedback of your friends.

What is the difference between a medical series and a professional series of hair products? Because treatment and care are different in themselves things. Professional hair cosmetics, in comparison with conventional hair products, contains more nutrients and reducing substances. Therapeutic cosmetics solve the problem of scalp and hair effectively and quickly, which, being concentrated means, have a profound effect.

You got acquainted with the advice of cosmetologists, found out what cosmetics exist for the hair. We spent a little digression in a variety of cosmetics, you just had to choose the right brand for your hair type.