How to style straight hair

Nature has endowed women with magnificent hair. And to cause general admiration, to look attractive, it remains for small - they need to be beautifully laid. Most women have straight hair. It seems that there is no trouble with them, but women, in order to achieve an ideal styling, spend hours at the mirror. There are many kinds of different styles for straight short, long and curly hair. Women who have straight long hair, have difficulty in creating beautiful styling on a smooth hairstyle, but it's not so difficult to make a beautiful hairstyle.

How to style straight hair?

For the quality of straight hair, it is very important to choose the right shampoo. Use soft water for washing. Hard water should be softened with essence. Use a shampoo that straightens hair, for example, containing silicone. After washing, rinse your hair with cool water to make your hair smooth and heavier. Blot the hair with a towel and apply a mousse to the hair. And so that after drying the hair is not pushilis, dry them with a hair dryer with an ionizer, which removes static electricity.

Use a nutrient mousse for styling hair, put the diffuser on the hairdryer before using it. With her help, you can preserve the health of your hair and style your hair. In this case, the sequence of actions is as follows:


Straight hair is the ideal material for experiments and with them you can make a large number of hairstyles. Every day you will be different, now daring, then with wavy hair, then romantic, then mischievous curly. The main thing is love yourself and everything will turn out.