Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze: a love story

To say for sure, when the romance of the popular composer and the blond beauty from the group "VIA-Gra" began, no one can. Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhneva still do not comment on their relationship, preferring to enjoy long-awaited happiness away from prying eyes. However, the latest news about the wedding couple, who came from the provincial Italian town, did not come as a surprise either to their acquaintances or fans, because the rumors about the novel of the singer and maestro have been going on for a long time.

The first meeting between Brezhnev and Meladze is the most terrible moment

It is rumored that already during the acquaintance between Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhneva, a spark broke out. It was January 2003. Vera herself told that the first meeting with Konstantin Meladze was for her the most terrible moment.

The girl came to the casting, and talked with her Dmitry Kostyuk - the former producer of "VIA-Gry." Right during the conversation, Konstantin Meladze came into the room, sat opposite to Vera Galushka (Brezhnev's pseudonym appeared already in the group) and watched her for a long time without uttering a single word. This is how the singer spoke about her first impression of the meeting with the composer in 2008 on the popular TV show Verka Serduchka: At the time when Vera was in VIA-Gre, Constantine had already been married to Jan Sum for nine years, the couple brought up Alice. In 2004, the couple had another daughter - Leah, and a year later - a son who was named Valera in honor of the composer's younger brother.

They say that at the time, it was the fact that Meladze was married, stopped lovers, and Vera tried to forget about her feelings, having married in 2006 a Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman, who in 2009 gave birth to daughter Sarah.

Faith - the only muse of Constantine Meladze

Six months after the wedding, the singer leaves the band at the peak of popularity, explaining her decision with fatigue and psychological stress. However, after a while, Vera meets with Konstantin Meladze, who offers her help in a solo career. The first song "I do not play" becomes a hit, the collaboration between the composer and the singer resumes.

Hits "Love will save the world" and "Real life" occupy the tops of the charts. At the same time, the popular composer diligently hides that both texts and music belong to him. Until now, the author of these songs is a certain Alexey Fitsich - a fictitious pseudonym, under which, as it turned out, eventually worked Constantine. The composer continues to create more and more new compositions, and the singer's career surely goes up.

How Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze got divorced

Soon on the personal front, Vera undergoes fundamental changes. In October 2012, the star gets divorced from her husband. The divorce was peaceful, without clarifying the relationship and scandalous division of property. Former spouses did not voice the reasons for their separation, but some media reported that the Ukrainian businessman began to suspect his wife in the novel with Konstantin Meladze. Informants reported that Kiperman arranged a secret observation for the pair, and confirmed his conjectures. Deciding not to publicize compromising facts, the man quickly formalized the divorce.

But not only the husband of the singer suspected something amiss. Much earlier, Jana Meladze started guessing about the novel of her husband and soloist. As a pregnant youngest son, the woman learned of treason. Having written off this for the crisis in the relationship, Yana was able to forgive her husband, but a few years later it all happened again. Experiencing for her family, Yana Meladze called Vera Brezhneva, but she assured the woman that the relationship with the composer was exclusively working and friendly.

In 2013, Konstantin Meladze divorced from his wife, having lived with her for 19 years, and at the beginning of next year the paparazzi noticed the producer and Vera Brezhnev in one of the Kiev restaurants during the celebration of the singer's birthday.

This fact would not arouse any suspicion if the couple did not then go home to Vera. The next time the paparazzi noticed a couple together in the summer of 2014 on the territory of the medical center "Lapino". As you know, this is one of the most popular clinics, where a lot of star babies were born. In the media, there was instant talk that Vera Brezhnev was pregnant with Konstantin Meladze.

In fact, the center of "Lapino" was seriously affected by the father of the singer, whom Constantine and Vera visited. A few months later, the singer and composer went to Jurmala for the "New Wave". At the same time the paparazzi managed to find out that the couple lived in the same room.

Expected surprise: the wedding of Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze

Despite the fact that the press repeatedly appeared their joint photos in an environment far from working, Meladze and Brezhnev continued to assure everyone that they were only good friends. Everybody is so used to such a statement that the expected news, like the wedding of the couple, turned out to be unexpected.

The news came from the small town of Forte dei Marmi, which is located on the seacoast of Italian Tuscany. The lovers decided to make their marriage secret, but even in Italy they found the paparazzi. Already after a day, the wedding became known in the homeland of the stars thanks to the Italian media.

The news about the wedding stirred up all the Internet in the post-Soviet space. Information from Tuscany appeared literally in every edition, and discussion by users of the network of meager details of the celebration did not end even after a week.

Since the newlyweds could not hide their holiday, they were forced through representatives to confirm the fait accompli.