Personal life of Marina Alexandrova

First, she cooed: "But please, not a single question about personal life. About me so many filth written, that, perhaps, already enough. And we will not allow more outsiders to enter our family. Do not even ask. "

Well, the master is the master. Although it is clear to any "outsider" that Marina Alexandrova is interesting not only for her creative achievements, but also for her violent novels. Personal life of Marina Alexandrova is full of joy and good impressions.

Soon their screen romance with Alexander Domogarov turned into a real novel. In a civil marriage, the couple lived for several years. They fiercely quarreled, no less loudly then sweetly reconciled. "I do not want a relationship with Sasha," Maria said. "We loved each other very much, but we were able to build about each other and live in peace and harmony. And I'm tired of fighting him. I tried to accustom him to a healthy lifestyle, to make forget about all other women. But all this was a waste of time. Sasha will never change. He is a fatal man in my destiny, but I am grateful to him for much. I became more mature. "

Marina is credited with other high-profile novels. For example, at one time she was seen with fashionable actors Alexei Panin, Arthur Smolyaninov, Alexei Chadov. Her boyfriends consider one of the producers of the project "Big Race" Cyril Lunkevich, a doctor Eduard Demchenko, producer Ivan Demidov. But it's all in the past. In June 2009, Marina with the actor and director Ivan Stebunov marked the anniversary of the marriage. For these very wings, outsiders are strictly forbidden to enter. Many consider you to be a native Petersburger and do not know that you were born in the Hungarian city of Kiskunmaysh and lived there for up to five years. Something bright from that time was remembered, after all, you were still a child back from Hungary, but still Europe, into a dismal Soviet Union? Marina Alexandrova's personal life has everything: from love to hatred.

In Hungary, I was born because my father, a lieutenant colonel, served in this country. From that time I remember a lot. Well, when they returned ... I recently read interesting thoughts from Natalia Tolstoy: "In my childhood I really wanted to be like everyone else. Live next to my grandmother in a small room with a lot of books. To know that on the table there is always a dish with its delicious pies, to see the embroidered pillow on which the big doll sits. " So, in my life everything was the other way around. My grandmother did not bake pies, but she went to the Theater for a taxi. People came to visit their parents "not from queues". In our house always sounded a grand piano. To be engaged in music and English the teacher came to me. At the same time, I sincerely did not understand why all the kids look at me so askance. Therefore, when they only came to the USSR, I also wanted to be "like everyone else", God forbid, not to stand out. Did not work.

For example, in the kindergarten, I alone had an incredible amount of fashionable things: different jeans, Chinese dresses, bows. What can I say about good toys, chewing gums ... I walked like a doll. Of course, the guys did not pay much attention to fife. But as a child, today I do not understand what kind of thing this is - envy. Although, when they started to look at me in a kindly manner, I felt very uncomfortable. True, I'm a smart man, soon to be frankly using my difference from others. Perhaps that is why she became an actress. With this and went on life.

Yes, I learned early what a beautiful, civilized life is. On the one hand, it seems like a dowager of fate. But, on the other hand, if you knew how much and persistently this darling is working. You were a wonderful girl - graduated from the mathematical school, and this is eighty percent the priority of long-sighted young men. At the same time they studied at school in music, but not like everyone else - in piano or violin - stood out here: they chose a huge harp.

We were looking for only one girl to learn how to play the harp. And necessarily rascelju that legs or foots got to pedals. This girl was me. Has your harp been preserved?

This tool is quite expensive. It must be taken care of, it must be constantly played. He is alive. But since I chose the path not as a harpist, but as an actress, I do not have a harp. True, the hands are good, this can not get away from nowhere. But the technique is not enough. I can play piano too. But already ten years, as, to one tool did not touch. And how did you, a clever beauty, a harpist-mathematician, in less than 17 years, father and mother were allowed to study in Moscow for an actress? We have always had respect and understanding in our family. My father and mother wanted me to be an interpreter with an English or a tourism manager. Nevertheless, the parents of their only daughter have never forbidden anything. I remember Papa said: "Try it. But you will not succeed. " The only person who believed in my star was Grandfather Anatoly Nikolayevich: "Go, Marinochka, everything will be fine with you." Probably, it was he who helped me by his faith and still leads through life. Grandfather was everything to me: strong-willed, purposeful, very fond of people. All these qualities have been planted in me since childhood. When I left Petersburg, I realized with even greater acuity and pain that no one in my life would ever love Marina Alexandrova in the way that my parents loved me.

The decision to go to the theater came at once, and I bet on luck. I decided: "We need to try. But if I am self-confident, I will not try, then I will be sorry for a long time. "

Received the first time?

Yes. True, at first I tried both in VGIK, and in GI-TIS. At the Schukin school came at the last moment. The set was already completed, but I did. Only later I learned that another 10 people claimed to be in my place. I was then incomplete 17 years old. You made your debut in the movie very young, in the first year. After that, they often visited film festivals, premieres, banquets and, probably, had plenty of secular tinsel. Do you attend such events today?

This is not for me. I think that the festival should go in a single case, if you imagine a new picture.

In life, I'm a man who's pretty picky, no one will ever make me do things that I do not like. And today I have nothing to surprise at all. If, for example, they call from Hollywood and say that there is an offer from Spielberg, I will not faint with happiness, but I will say that I'll think about it. Nothing is impossible. And if you just sit and wait for the weather at the sea, you can skip everything.

Another thing is the festival "Cherry Forest". This year, within its framework, we planted a cherry orchard in memory of Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky. So can this be called a hangout? Although the event in rank is secular. We were all united by one person, one goal and were very happy to see each other. That day there were no insincere tears and smiles. Your film debut, which we just mentioned, the film "Northern Lights". But the viewer really remembered and fell in love with actress Marina Alexandrov after working on the TV series "Azazel", where you played the bride of Fandorin Lisa.

"Azazel" is one of the most pleasant impressions of my life. I was recommended by three completely different people: my teacher in acting, an actor who tried to play Fandorin, and the assistant director. Later I was called by director Alexander Adabashyan and asked: "Did you read Akunin?" At that time it seemed to me that Akunin was some incredibly famous classic of Tolstoy's level. And I did not read it, so I blushed deeply and admitted to Adabashyan. He just laughed.

On the set, I met and made friends with two amazing men and one no less terrific woman. One of them was the operator Pavel Lebeshev, unfortunately, left us. It was thanks to his skill that I got to shoot Jerzy Hoffmann in the Polish film "Ancient tradition", where I shot and, I hope, made friends with Daniel Olbrychsky and Bogdan Stupka. And thanks to Alexander Adabashyan I got into the French-Russian picture "The melting of snows". By the way, its director Laurent Zhaui noticed me in the graduation performance. And Alexander Artemovich, after asking me for permission, became my Moscow "dad". The woman I mentioned is Marina Neelova, with whom I am fortunate to go out on one stage today. I was not tired of this woman and do not get tired of admiring. So, you really are a darling of fate? In part, yes. But all the same in our profession the main thing is different - at the right time to be in the right place. I am often asked: "Marina, do you have a lot of envious people?" I do not even know what to say. Once I asked my mother: "Why does someone envy someone? After all, each his own. "

Mom answered: "Yes, to each his own. But do not forget, Marisha, that everything is working out for you. " You really do it. And you are one of the leading actresses of the famous "Contemporary". As far as I know, getting into this troupe was your main dream, which also came true. Yes, once in an interview I said that this is the only theater on the stage of which I see myself. Apparently, my words were passed on to Galina B. Volchek. She invited me to talk. The result of the conversation was a proposal to try in "Three comrades". Apparently, the samples were successful, because new proposals were received. Today I have five performances. The theater gives a lot. My way of life has completely changed. From now on, I can not say: "I'll fly to Seychelles today." The theater is a responsibility and a sea of ​​pleasure. And such pleasure that the Seychelles is far away. In other words, can you refuse an attractive job in the cinema for the sake of a performance? Maybe yes. The theater is what gives the actor the opportunity to grow professionally. And the movie, on the contrary, takes away. In the cinema we give out those things that were taken at the theater. For me, "Contemporary" is both a school and a house at the same time. A movie - a kind of glossy cover. I for a long time refused many of the proposals to be removed, but today I realized that I was bored by the cinema. Therefore, I am very glad that today I have a lot of film projects. It seems that today I am in a completely different dimension. And in what dimension were you when, in 2002, you agreed to take part in the reality show "The Last Hero"?

I was curious to check myself, I wanted to learn something new. In addition, I realized that in a person's life such an event can occur only once. For me this show was not a special test. On the contrary, one of the most beautiful periods. All the emotions and impressions that I received while on the island, I can not compare with anything else. We have no other possibility to completely disconnect from civilization, to visit an uninhabited island with an incredible amount of living creatures, to listen to the ocean, to look at the sky, dotted like a kaleidoscope, with stars. Although, of course, the tests were. For example, being with the same people 24 hours a day is difficult for any person.

If you want, you do not want them, you must all love them. And the commandment "love your neighbor as yourself" I understood only on the island. In ordinary, urban life, you do not really understand what these words actually mean. And when you have to eat from one pot, you just have to love all. Otherwise there will come such spiritual disharmony that it is better to leave at once. There were situations when you asked that you "leave"? And I just and left the game. When the strongest struggle for survival, not physical, but moral, began, I felt sick. I can not do that. In this regard, I'm not a fighter. Very much it wanted to mum. Moreover, I knew that she was very near, a few kilometers from the island - in the Dominican Republic. Mom specially arrived at the competition of the relatives of "The Last Hero-3". I so wanted out of all this quickly to escape, so home was drawn! Did you really want to eat?

Hunger was not the biggest problem. After a certain time, the body got used to extreme and expected only a minimum amount of food per day. But how dreamed of herring, about the black bread! And even before the loss of reason, I wanted chocolate, although I absolutely do not like sweets. During this time, you have lost a lot of weight? At five pounds. Not going home, immediately went to France, where the shooting began in the film "Snowmelt".

Seeing me , the director was terribly enraged. He could not work with such a skinny actress. He ordered me immediately and hard to fatten me. I became addicted to French cheese and croissants, and I quickly returned to my former form. But you are not inclined to fullness. Thank God and parents for this. I allow myself to eat absolutely everything, but in moderation. I never overeat. I am not a follower of diets, newfangled Japanese cuisine. I can, of course, eat sushi, but without fanaticism. Its own, the native still tastier. In addition, I have no bad habits, which means a normal metabolism.

You have a BMW car. Themselves at the wheel?

Yes, I've been driving for the fifth year, from which I get great pleasure. The car is life. When I'm driving, I do not really think about the style of clothes. In the car there is always a sports form, books, scripts, evening dresses, shoes. And still outside of work I use cosmetics a little, but in kosmetichke always there is a thermal water, a cream for arms or hand and lip glosser. My car is a house on wheels. I never thought about my personal driver. Even when I did not drive, I always dreamed that I was driving.

How do you feel about women's weaknesses, such as shopping?

Adore! I can drop everything down to pennies for clothes. And without a twinge of conscience, because I never knew how to save money and I'm unlikely to learn. At the same time, I do not pay attention to well-known brands, fashion brands. I buy what I like and what to face. I love the clothes of Russian designers, I think that dresses from Alexandra Terekhova are very feminine. I'm happy to use the services of young designers who know what is relevant now and what's going on. The thing after all should be pleasant and psychologically not to strain.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Jazz. I respect St. Petersburg rock. I'm far from a fan of our pop music.