Olga Seryabkina: personal life and hot photos

Olga Seryabkina is better known as MOLLY or the central soloist of the band "Silver". A girl with a tight booty and lush breasts, a talent of a poetess, singer and actress. She does not hesitate to bare her beautiful body, but few are ready to open her soul. Recently published her book "A Thousand" M "" - a collection of poems and excerpts from prose. There are more of them than the stars from the "kitchen" of Maxim Fadeev can sing, for whom Olya writes the texts. Much of this book is about feelings for one person. To whom? Be patient. For the first few piquant details, hot photos of Seryabkina and facts from the biography.

Hot photos of Olga Seryabkina for the men's magazine "Maxim"

The cover of the magazine in March 2017 was decorated by the group "Silver". Sexual bodies and predatory glances of young girls beckon to the seashore in search of pleasures. Naked and semi-closed intimate body parts excite fantasy. At the same time, there is no sense of obscenity or vulgarity - everything is girlishly girlish.

Hot photo Seryabkina

10 years ago, girls (then in a slightly different composition) rattled the whole world, winning the 3rd place at the Eurovision music contest. It was then that Seryabkina first appeared in the band. This seductive brunette wrote the English-language text of the contest song, which became fatal for the development of the collective. For those who do not know, Olga Seryabkina is a professional translator with higher education.

Elegant legs and a priest - since childhood

In addition, Olya dances all her life. That's the secret of the round priests without photoshop! In childhood, the girl successfully performed at competitions in ballroom dancing. And today he dances in training and in clips. In the show business, she got, to a greater extent, thanks to the ability to dance. Her pop biography began with a dance and backing in the collective of singer Irakly. Today Olga is a successful author of popular songs and a singer who participates simultaneously in two projects: in collective "Silver" and solo MOLLY. Support the popularity of the girl frank clips and hot photos.

Nude Seryabkina for Maxim

The dried grass as a background fills the picture with drama - a symbol of unity with nature and the transience of time. White body on the naked body gives the photo a shade of maiden tenderness and sinlessness. Eyes full of longing and desire. I want to believe that in Seryabkina's personal life everything will be the way she paints it in her thoughts.

Photo by Olga Seryabkina before and after plastics

Plump lips, large breasts and a priest approximate the parameters of the singer's figure to the ideal. But is it all from nature? Perhaps the star was doing plastic surgery? In the early photos the girl has less expressive lips and breasts seem smaller. Questions regarding plastic surgery, the star does not comment. The secret of impeccability in make-up or botox, gyms and genetics or surgical interventions? Answers only she knows - Olya Seryabkina with ideal parameters of the figure. Her body is admired by men and women.

Naked Seryabkina on the cover of Maxim

Naked Seryabkina in all her seductiveness appeared in "Maxim" a year before the collective shooting. A nude girl in gold paint looks like an animated statue.

Erotic photos of Olga Seryabkina in Instagram

Makeup, hairstyles, women's secrets, answers to subscriber questions ... The singer respects her fans and finds time to communicate with them. Pribolevshaya or tired after filming, she goes on the air, uploads photos, publishes notes with arguments about life in social networks (VC, Instagram). Her amateur photos are no less erotic than in the magazine "Maxim". For example, here is this picture in a swimsuit:

Seryabkina in a swimsuit, photo

Or a selfie with a slightly open mouth, a rapacious tongue and an inviting neckline:

Judging by the singer's chronicle in the social network, the star should look at 100% even in the usual supermarket.

Personal life of Olga Seryabkina: Singer of non-traditional orientation?

Novels with star men, lesbian love, husband and children - what is the truth of it? Olga Seryabkina rarely confides, but you can understand the lyric biography and the sensual soul of the singer by reading her book.

Olga Seryabkina was a lesbian

Olga admits that before the age of 20 she had had a love affair with a non-traditional orientation. The poem "Kate", published in the book - is the truth. These were strong feelings, which, for sure, remained in the heart and memory of the girl. It says that memories come, but the heroine of the poem is afraid of them, hiding in the back of memory. The touches of long forgotten times are reflected by bright flashes of feelings and sensations - echoes of the first love. The heroine remembers how beloved had to hide from everyone, playing the part of girlfriends during the day, and at night turning into mistresses. These relations ended in pain, which Seryabkina tries not to remember. She is positive about non-traditional love, but has already changed her memories of a new reality with a fantastic man.

Love is gone, and habits are left:

Does Olga Seryabkina have a child and husband?

The period of unconventional love has long passed. Olya loves a man. Who is he: Irakli, Max Fadeev, Yegor Creed or Dmitry Nagiyev? Perhaps the intrigue on the screen is just a way to hide the real relationship. Judging by the rich schedule of the star and amateur direct aether in the Instagram, the child and the family have not. But on the page selebreti often flash photos with children. For example, here Olga is in the company of a girl who was shot in the clip of the band "Silver":

Olga Seryabkina and Oleg Miami, the singer's boyfriend

No children yet. Like her husband. While there is only a loved one - a guy who is devoted to half of the book, a man who starred in one of the clips MOLLY and a man signing the photo with Seryabkina in the Instagram by the word "my".

Olga Seryabkina and Oleg Miami

Oleg Miami is the man of the heart and, possibly, the future husband of Olga. The media personality. He enlightened on television in the project "House 2". Later became a member of the "Voice". For a long time the pair met secretly, giving rise to gossip around personal life and novels on the side.

Seryabkina and Miami, photo

Is it true that Olga Seryabkina had novels with Egor Creed and Maxim Fadeev?

The personal life of a superstar is an excuse to gossip and fantasize. Staff in frank clothes, photos in swimsuits and bare, full of passion clips ... Seryabkina expresses her sexuality and attractiveness directly. Surely she is ready to show her body without embarrassment, because she gave herself to dozens of men, and went to show business exclusively through the bed?

Olga Seryabkina and Maxim Fadeev

Relations with Maxim Fadeev in Seryabkina are long and creative. According to the singer, the text from her thoughts rests on Maxim's music perfectly: the words come to their heads themselves. The result of such a universal contact is the mass of hits written for the producer center of Max Fadeev. The fact that between Olya and Maxim exclusively working relationship, says a strong 10-year cooperation. And where there is room for a novel, quarrels, scandals and a break in relations often occur.

Olga Seryabkina and Yegor Creed

The press ascribes to Seryabkina a novel with Egor Creed, with whom she sings a duet under the pseudonym MOLLY. When asked by the journalists of Creed when he marries, the singer replied: "When Seryabkina says" Yes. " Performances of the duo are very hot for strangers to each other people. But the rumors about the novel with a partner in "service" Olga denies. Playing the camera and real life are not always the same.