Victims of Plastic Surgeons

We all know that beauty requires sacrifice. Most of all, this expression applies to those people for whom appearance is a working tool. Most celebrities resort to plastic surgery. That's just not always it gives an ideal result and the showbiz stars start to look like the real victims of plastic surgeons, as you can see for yourself.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

A female cat (at least, she thinks so) belongs to the list of the most famous victims of plastic surgeons. As early as 22, Jocelyn could be called a real blond beauty, but in the 70s she did her first surgery to change her appearance. The reason for this was the wild love of her billionaire husband to cats, so the woman decided to become like a cat. But she did not give any result, and her husband decided to leave such "beauty". On the money that went to Wildenstein after the divorce, she continued with the help of surgeons to continue their experiments on appearance, turning into a real monster woman.

Mickey Rourke

Few people know that in addition to acting career sexy Mickey Rourke engaged in professional boxing, because of this victim of sports actor had to make a huge number of plastic surgery. As a result, the recent handsome Rourke has changed noticeably in appearance, and far from the best. According to the actor himself, in his "negative transformation" an illiterate surgeon is guilty, who unsuccessfully performed the operation. By the way, to repair the damaged nose, Rourke was transplanted cartilage from the ear.


Cher's attempt to look younger than her age began with her unhealthy love of plastic surgeons. During the first operation, Cher changed the shape of the nose and lips, the second - reduced the waist, removing the lower ribs and went-went. Today, the singer, despite her well-groomed and stylish look, looks like a transvestite.

Donatella Versace

Despite the fact that the chief designer of the famous fashion house "Versace" is 55 years old, she looks much older. Looking at her age, Donatella is hampered by a dozen plastic operations, with which she changed the shape of the nose, increased the volume of the breast, lips and very often injects Botox. As they say, the result is visible on the face.

Lolo Ferrari

The famous French porn star and dancer Eva Valois (real name) was even awarded the Guinness Book of Records, as the owner of the largest bust in the world, having a circumference of 130 centimeters. Ferrari made a cosmic number of operations equaling 28. During these operations, she absolutely changed her face and enlarged her breasts to a size of 3 kilograms each. At 37, a woman died, suffocating in a dream under the weight of her breasts.

Courtney Love

Courtney, having decided to hide her age, underwent a series of plastic procedures, in which she increased her breasts, made plump lips, changed the shape of her nose. As a result, her appearance changed beyond recognition and received loud criticism from the public. To escape from the status of the victim, Love returned the old look, that's just far from successful.

Pete Burns

The frontman of the British group from Liverpool, not once turned to the help of plastic surgeons. Just after one such unsuccessful operation, he had to use the help of lawyers to demand monetary compensation in the amount of 1 million British pounds. The reason for this was that the doctors of one of the British clinics turned the singer into a real freak. To restore his lips, Burns took 1.5 years.

Priscilla Presley

In her 66th, the widow of Elvis Presley looks very good. But her lips, spoiled by plastic surgeons, spoil the whole picture. The clown's frozen face is not the best part of Priscilla's appearance.


Alexandra Chvikova (Alexey Alexandra), the participant of the "Star Factory-4" also did not stand aside and took advantage of the services of plastic surgeons. She decided to increase her lips, already beautiful by nature, which she regretted. After the operation, her lips became swollen and began to ache, and in the places where the injections were done, seals formed. Only a special massage of the lips helped to improve the condition of the lips.