Coffee and tea in the baby's diet

Often, attentive mothers pay much of their attention to feeding their child. They carefully select the diet, diversify it, carefully treat the products from which they prepare the food, and also delicately prepare to preserve the precious nutrients in the food. However, they pay little attention, and often do not even pay attention to the child's drinking. In vain, because the body especially needs liquid and it is from there that it takes the necessary vitamins and substances, so it is worth paying special attention to drinking your baby. Then the question arises: what to give the child to drink? In the same article, we want to talk about such popular drinks as tea and coffee and whether they can be included in the baby's diet.

Variety of teas

Tea has already become such a common drink that for the kids to give tea is as common as for adults. People have drunk tea for thousands of years, it has been extolled in all nations and on all continents, especially teas in Asian countries and among Indians, they have whole tea cultures.

There are a lot of literature, including. from doctors, where it is spoken of the misuse of green, white and black teas. Naturally, because of this popularity, many parents do not even think about the true benefits of tea for their baby. Scientific proofs and reasons are difficult to argue, but after all it is dressed, while all the benefits of tea are described, usually for adults. There are five color varieties of tea: green, black, white, yellow and red. In this case, the color itself does not mean that tea has grown this way or is a tea tree, this is just a method of processing.

Black teas are completely processed by enzymatic treatment. Green teas are considered non-enzymatic and are not fully processed. Yellow, white and red teas are a gap in the process of processing green tea to black. In tea there are really a lot of substances.

If we talk about harmful tea substances, then there are few of them, but this does not apply to children, tk. a small organism even useful substances can take as a danger. The main danger is caffeine, although it's a bit in tea, but it's for adults. For children, and this is enough, in a child's body, caffeine can cause a very bad reaction.

The danger of caffeine for children is that it represents a stimulant of the nervous system, which means that it affects the emotions and behavior of the child, it can become joyful or tearful, nervous or, conversely, phlegmatic. If caffeine constantly enters the body, then sleep disturbances can occur in the form of nightmares, etc. When the child is too excited, he unnaturally consumes a lot of energy, and at the same time eats less than what is required, it all boils down to development and growth.

It is worth noting that caffeine affects the heart, tearing heartbeat, of course, it increases the activity of the child and worries him, the right heart rhythm is lost. In addition, all teas are diuretics, if tea is constantly drunk, then it flushes out the microelements from the organisms necessary for the development and growth of the body. This is even for adults, potassium and sodium are washed away, caffeine appears an arrhythmia, in addition, it is excreted from the body so necessary for calcium bones. This is not just a lack of calcium, as a result, it may form a thinning of bone tissue, the disease is called osteoporosis.

Doctors and scientists also found that caffeine is very effective on the gastric mucosa, having a powerful effect on digestive iron, resulting in a lot of gastric juice and hydrochloric acid. Because of the high concentration of acids in the stomach, irritation of the gastric tissue results, eventually resulting in gastritis and even ulcers. Also, a large amount of caffeine can be poisoning, symptoms are: increased heartburn, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, dyspnea, urination is accelerating, all this requires medication.

Theophylline is another substance in tea, it acts together with caffeine, strengthening it. It raises the temperature, especially during the ER, theophylline is a diuretic, it actively removes the necessary anti-inflammatory drugs from the body, as a result, there is nothing to fight the cold with.

Also worth noting tannins, these are tannins, which are found in tea. Tannin combines with caffeine in tea and becomes a single substance - theine, which in turn is useful. Theine has a beneficial effect on blood vessels and blood circulation. But not all tannin interacts, the apotom remains in its pure form, here they are, and they are dangerous. Such particles do not give a normal absorption of food and reduce appetite, for children this is very bad.

However, not everything is so scary, and tea has many positive qualities. First, teas are rich in all kinds of vitamins, they contain vitamin B, which is so necessary for the nervous system of the baby, however, with a large amount of vitamin B, iron ceases to be absorbed. If tea is only brewed, then it is rich in C, and after a while it practically disappears. Second, in any case there are a lot of minerals that are extremely necessary for the life and development of the child's organism, at least there is magnesium, potassium and calcium, but except this is especially necessary for the organism:

Third, tea contains protein, carbohydrates and fats, although they are not so much to support the work of the basic functions of the body, the more, this is a powerful support. In addition, green tea contains antioxidants, these substances, like armor, protect the body from numerous harmful factors. If antioxidants in the body are enough, then they alone can improve the state of the skin and hair, in addition, they normalize the metabolism. However, as a minus of green tea, it is worth noting the high content of caffeine, even more than in black. These points should be taken into account before giving it to the baby.

It is worth knowing that tea can be cooked in different ways and in different consistencies. Black tea is weakly brewed and with milk can drink babies from 2 years old, the correct composition is a half-a-teaspoon per 200 ml of water, but the baby should not give more than 50 ml per day. For a week tea in such consistency the child can drink 3-4 times in 50 ml.

When a child grows up, and this is considered to be about 8 years old, when the body is able to take most food and handle it properly, you can brew tea in a different proportion. For 200 ml of boiling water one-spoonful of tea, while the milk can not be added. It is important to know that tea can not be drunk 3 hours before the onset of sleep.

Another important point in children's tea drinking, it's right and the right time to give it to the baby. It has already been said about sleep, but it is also worth remembering walks or hikes, for example, in the theater or circus, a special problem can be travel in transport, when the child wants to go to the toilet, cry and ask, because tea is a strong diuretic.

Do not brew tea for a long time, tk. kipyatokrazrushet all important and useful substances, ideally three minutes will be enough, and then, if necessary, cool. There is an opinion that the children of tea in general should be given a weak after two or three infusions. It is recommended to brew the whole leaf tea in order to avoid adding any components such as a sweetener, flavor or color. Now you can meet a lot of children's teas, they are divided into 2 groups: for treatment and for prevention. In prophylactic cures a huge amount of useful substances and vitamins, in therapeutic can contain analgesics, to reduce heat, substances for coughing. This is all good, but all these funds, although they are natural woes and fees, nevertheless, they can not only benefit, but also harm, it all depends on how the baby's organism reacts to the substances in these herbs. The use of these teas requires a doctor's recommendation .

Coffee is bad for children

Tea and coffee are divided among themselves by fans, many adults are attracted to this wonderful drink, along with the fragrance comes vivacity, so some adults can drink it all day, replenished with energy. In their research, scientists and doctors almost came to a dead end, because coffee and harmful and useless. Well, every mother knows that coffee is harmful (and it's true), although she does not know why, but certainly relies on coffee with more danger than the kind of tea that is the key.

Coffee is very rich in the content of substances that you can. It is worth saying that their coffee in more than 2 thousand species. It is precisely such a wealth of choice that makes it difficult to study their interaction with each other and the impact on the body, while today only a smaller part of the population has been studied. Most of all in caffeine, the composition of caffeine is the same as in tea, but its concentration is much larger and can even harm an adult body. Childhood in general inadequately refers to coffee, the manifestations can be in the form of rassosnitsy, strong activity or hysteria. Arrhythmia can begin, problems of GI tract can cause abdominal pain and heartburn.

Benzopyrene is the most dangerous substance for children, which is contained in coffee. It is a hydrocarbon, exactly the same that is contained in the air next to busy roads or off-oil products. Although it is not much in coffee, nevertheless, it clearly says that coffee is not a drink for young children, besides, one should think about the number and frequency of coffee consumption for adults. Moreover, physicians have repeatedly confirmed that coffee masters are exposed to cancerous tumors. Benzopyrene, being a carcinogen, stimulates their development. It is also proved that it affects the development of cancerous blood diseases.

If we talk about the benefits of coffee, they are not so many, it contains vitamins P, D, A, some minerals such as phosphorus, iodine, manganese imagnia. As for children, coffee is simply forbidden to them, and it is desirable that they do not use it even when they are teenagers at the age of 13-15.

Although today, the ways of processing on the market can find a diet coffee, or rather a coffee drink, it does not have caffeine at all. Delaiahon of chicory, dog rose, soybean and other plants are applied, if the contents of the child is not allergic, then he can drink such a drink. In the composition of such a drink there are many herbs and substances that are useful for the intestines of the child, they ongo the appetite, well affect the nervous system of the baby, dog rose is useful for the immune system and generally as a restorative. But even such a harmless ivrode would be a useful drink can not be given before two years.

It is prepared simply, in 100 ml of boiling water, powder is added to the quantity of one dosage spoon, the fire turns off, and the drink needs to be mixed well, after which it should be allowed to stand for several minutes. To strain the pressure, use a sieve.